RacingJunk and Borowski Race Engines Team Congratulate Engine Giveaway Winner

Borowski Race Engine LS

Randall Sipes is the lucky winner of the custom Borowski 700 HP, naturally-aspirated LS Street Engine loaded with COMP CAM parts., award-winning custom race engine maker Borowski Race Engines, and COMP Cams, one of the world’s top manufacturer of aftermarket engine parts are thrilled to announce that Randall Sipes is the winner of the custom 700 HP, 408 cubic inch, naturally-aspirated Borowski LS Street Engine featuring top end parts and EFI system from COMP Cams and their sister companies RHS and FAST.

The contest launched November 1, 2021 at the SEMA Show and ran through July 31, 2022. The winner, Mr. Sipes, was selected in a drawing on Aug 1, 2022 from all of the entrants in the months long giveaway. He will be installing the engine in his 2007 Trailblazer after attending the engine dyno and touring Borowski Race Engine’s state-of-the art shop on September 13th.

“I still can’t believe I won! It doesn’t feel real yet,” says Sipes. “When I try to explain to someone about the prize I won, the first words out of their mouth ‘It’s a scam.’ I am very excited to tour (the) Borowski Race Engines shop and hear my new LS engine run on the dyno!”

The next stage of the project is a true celebration of power and performance, with winner and engine builders equally excited about the process. Borowski Race Engines Preseident, Joe McCaul, is as eager for the install as Sipes. “His vehicle currently has a ProCharged LS, which provides light boost. To maximize the power and performance, we will use a cam for boosted engines, and have made some additional adjustments to accommodate boost. Randall is also going with the FAST LSXHR intake manifold, and is providing an oil pan specific for his Trailblazer as well as installing his existing serpentine system on the new engine.”

The team plans to dyno the engine in mid-September. As the flagship site for the Internet Brands Auto Classifieds division, RacingJunk helps racers and enthusiasts buy, sell, and trade their vehicles, trailers, engines and parts to fulfill their race and performance dreams. A Borowski race engine is often the epitome of those dreams.

“Borowski makes legendary drag race and high performance engines,” says Scott Stetz, Director of Sales and Business Development for the Internet Brands Auto Classifieds division, “And our longtime partnership with the management team, including Joe McCaul, Ken McCaul and Tim Zapp, means that we are not only thrilled to partner on this giveaway, but to support their efforts at reaching more racers and enthusiasts. We’ve seen what these engines can do in project cars and race cars, and it’s never less than astonishing. COMP Cams products have been featured in this engine since its inception and key to achieving the amazing level of power and performance. This piece will be a real gift for the winning enthusiast.”

The engine, a 700 HP LS Street Engine, is valued at approximately $17,000. It features a FAST XFI Sportsman EFI Engine Control System, a custom COMP Cam & BSR Shaft Rockers, FAST LSXR Intake & 102MM Throttle Body, FAST XR-1A High-Output Ignition Coils, and RHS LS3 Cylinder Heads that were ported on Borowski’s 5-axis CNC.

“We introduced the 700 horsepower LS engine two years ago and it has become a best seller,” explains Joe McCaul. “The engine embodies our state-of-the-art CNC machining. Coupled with our parts selection, it allows this naturally-aspirated engine to achieve power levels that the OE’s can hit only with superchargers. This engine is Plug & Play thanks to its FAST engine management system which comes with the tune from the Borowski dyno session.”

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  1. If I say I am not envious of Randall Sipes, I would be telling a big lie. Randy, I am happy for you. I am sure you deserved to win. Good luck with your new power plant!

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