Racing Helmet Overview: Shoei’s RF-1100

Shoei RF-1100

We continue our Racing Helmet Overview Series with Shoei’s RF-1100 helmet. This aggressively styled, feature-filled helmet is the full package, delivering both functionality and good looks for the discerning racer.

Just like the X-Twelve helmet, the RF-1100 is constructed with Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ shell construction and carries both DOT and Snell M2010 safety ratings, making it suitable for HPDE track events as well as NHRA Super Pro, Pro and Sportsman series.

The RF-1100 has a large selection of available graphics with many of them looking like they belong in an art museum.

I enlisted Adrian, Racing Junk’s Director of Business Operations and avid motorcycle enthusiast, to help with the hands-on portion of this overview by taking the RF-1100 for a cruise along the California coast. Here are Adrian’s thoughts on the helmet: The six vents along the top of the helmet “work really well and flow a lot of air. Overall, the helmet is very comfortable, quiet and all the vents/screens open with ‘solidity’ (it feels well made).”

Shoei RF-1100 Hands-On

The RF-1100 weighs 1,661 grams for the Large size and allows for full range of motion and full peripheral vision. It’s a testament to Shoei’s constant quest for helmet evolution and customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line: Shoei’s RF-1100 is a solid helmet that offers performance without compromise.

Manufacturer: Shoei
Model: RF-1100
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Safety Rating: DOT and Snell M2010

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