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ProCharger Motorsports’ Jim Summers knows all there is to know about the self-contained and intercooled 4.6 GT Mustang ProCharger Supercharger. Taking a stock Mustang GT to a place where you can amp up your speed by 1.5 seconds and 15 mph down the strip without changing anything other than putting in this supercharger is an incredible concept. This Mustang ripped down at 13.67 seconds at 97.77 mph stock, and with the supercharger, it was kicked up to 12.13 seconds at about 112 mph. Impressive!

ProCharger is dedicated to state-of-the-art manufacturing with progressive technology and a great engineering staff and machinists who utilize precision grade materials for tremendous strength and performance. They strive for high-quality performance and durability of their high performance products through Quality Assurance, which is founded on prevention and sustained through live, continuous monitoring of the manufacturing, assembly, and performance verification process. ProCharger has become the industry leader for both hardcore racing and street/strip supercharger systems.

In this video, you’ll see Jim Summers, the Director of ProCharger Motorsports, talk about his experience test driving this 4.6 Mustang GT (fully stock) both before and after the supercharger was installed. Jim has been drag racing since the ’70s, has done a lot of boat racing, and has been drag racing Mustangs in particular since 1993 in the Pro 5.0 division.

Jim found it pretty interesting to climb back into a stock Mustang. It really ran an impressive time, even in a stock configuration with a pass of 13.67 seconds at 97.77 mph. Even though it was already an impressive car, they wanted to add a little more power to it, with nothing other than a ProCharger.

The kit that they have on this car is an APSI kit with a self-contained blower, which means you don’t have to punch a hole in the oil pan or feed any oil to it so you don’t have to worry about getting any contaminants from the engine in the supercharger. It’s also got a 3/4 air-to-air intercooler, which takes the intake charge that comes out of the supercharger, because you’re compressing air which makes heat, and it turns it into a cooler air charge going to the engine which makes it more dense and makes more horsepower.

To make it even better, this kit is 50-state legal. It’s got 8 lb. per square-inch of boost, it’s 50-state legal, an air-to-air intercooler, and the self-containment, which is very important. It’s the only one of its kind to be self-contained.

With this system on the car, you don’t have to change a single other thing. This particular Mustang has a catback exhaust, but other than that, it’s a bone-stock car.

On the quarter mile, the car managed to pick up over 1.5 seconds and about 15 mph with the supercharger.

All you have to do is go out and buy yourself a car, whether you’re a blue oval fan, a Chevy fan, or even a Chrysler fan, just put a ProCharger on it and you’ll get more performance, better E.T., more miles per hour, even if it’s a tow vehicle, you’ll get a lot more performance out of it.

So whether you’re looking to just give your ride some extra power, or if you need a little more edge on the strip, this supercharger is a must have to get your stock car where you want it to be.

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