Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Hey, it’s me, Tonya Kay, as the Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week this week!  Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone.  Here you see me posing with my own 1965 Buick Riviera, the Grape Space Coaster for one of my favorite photographers of all time, RacingJunk columnist herself, Mitzi Valenzuela.

I love working with other members of the RacingJunk family and if you haven’t yet listened to my guest spot on Ellen Richardson's Behind the Wheel podcast with co-host Chris Young, definitely take some time to catch Behind the Wheel, episode 30: Tonya Kay with all three of us chatting cars, performing arts, pandemic and health.

Some of you know because you’ve been reading my column the *entire time* I’ve written it here, but I’ve been sharing photography from my company, Pinup Pole Show, for 2 years now with RacingJunk in the Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week column!  I’m the creator and producer of classic car show and stage performance extravaganza, Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show, where much of my column’s photography is shot.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to entertain you and hope to continue producing classic car events, creating classic-honoring photoshoots and sharing them with you here on RacingJunk for years to come.

I haven’t been as consistent as I would like to have been this year in my posting because (and I’m quiet scared to even share this publicly) I’ve been quietly treating breast cancer this entire pandemic.  My “money makers”, I know!  Hahaha.  At the same time, as you can imagine, live entertainers lost all their work as of March and our jobs haven’t returned.  I wanted my readers to know because I know a lot of you may have had a loved one affected by cancer or maybe even you, yourself.  If you are in a position to contribute to help me through this double emergency this year, please visit my GoFundMe page.  All donations are tax-deductible, thanks to non-profit, Kalopsia, so it’s an excellent way to take your charity donation this year too.   If you share the GoFundMe link, that makes matters, too.

Here’s to many more years of being part of each others’ auto enthusiast family.  Happy holidays.  Stay healthy.  Stay warm.

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Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

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About Tonya Kay 118 Articles
Tonya Kay is a brutally elegant film actress, burlesque headliner, raw vegan renegade and producer of Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show and classic car cruise-in. You’ve seen her hosting Motor Spins, performing on Broadway (STOMP, De La Guarda) and in blockbuster films (Lone Ranger, Muppets Movie). Her pinup and modeling work has been published in magazines, calendars and comic books like Car Kulture Deluxe, DrivenWorld, Grease Inc, Superfly Auto, The SpeedGirls and Garage Latino. And her viscous classic hot rod, the Grape Space Coaster, is even more famous than she is standing out on Discovery’s "Sticker Shock," Speed TV’s "My Ride Rules" and music videos.

19 Comments on Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: Tonya Kay

  1. Tonya, I have always thought other than the GS 455 and the Grand National, that Buicks are “old people’s cars!” You actually bring excitement to the rivie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. May God be with you in your road to cancer free life! I have very poor internet service, and when it finally loaded I did read your editorial. I might even be able to see all of the photo shoot. Again, Merry Christmas, and take care of your cancer.

  3. Oh My God, Tonya, I AM IN LOVE!!! 😍💓😘😜
    You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on, and this is the best shoot of you I’ve yet seen.
    I love the suit, I love the car, and I love you, my dear.

    Please put your health first, take care of yourself, and I’m praying for you to beat the C-word once and for all.
    God Bless you and yours, and have a Very Happy New Year.

  4. Tonya, hoping you have a much better year than 2020. World would be far worse off if we lost such a beautiful soul as yours. Take care and get better. Luv ur work.

    • Rick you’ve got me teared up. Thank you for supporting my work – I love to share it! Let’s all make it through and create a little more beauty and fun in the world.

  5. This is all out fantastic great ride love the color and you well there are only so many words availble and you desrvie them all. stay safe

  6. Great to see this shoot again Tonya. It’s one of my all-time favorites. 🥰
    I’m so thankful to hear you’re doing well, and I continue to pray for you and yours. 🙏🏼
    Have a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
    Love always,
    Dave 💘 💘 💘

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