Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week: April Reeves with a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette

April Reeves with 1964 Corvette

Click Here to Begin SlideshowWe have a special treat this week! Ladies and gentlemen, meet our Pinup Pole Show Pinup of the Week, April Reeves. Here you see April posing with her husband, Jeff Reeve’s 1964 Corvette and photographed by Jeff himself. Let’s learn more about this classic car loving couple!

April is an avid reader, loves pole fitness and Zumba. The mother of three boys, she loves her family and most importantly, April loves cruising in her '65 Malibu Super sport, which by far is her favorite car!

Believe it or not, April has never modeled professionally however she has always enjoyed photography. In fact, Jeff, her husband, says it was quite a challenge to get her to get gussied up and take these photos - she hated all the people watching her while she was being photographed, she is so modest.

Jeff is a real estate broker and spent 20 years in the medical field. He is very proud of his wife and calls her “the sweetest, kindest woman and an amazing mom.” April was the one who got Jeff interested in photography, himself.

Jeff has owned his 1964 Corvette for 30 years and it’s been restored back to all-original condition. Jeff loves his Corvette, but he loves the memory of buying his wife her 1965 Malibu SS for Christmas in 2019 just as much. “It made her cry all day,” he says. “They were happy tears! She drove this exact car to high school 20 years ago."

April Reeves with 1964 Corvette

April Reeves with 1964 Corvette

April Reeves with 1964 Corvette

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