New MotoGP Regulations for 2022


There will be some changes in MotoGP for the upcoming season. In a proactive move, the FIM’s Grand Prix Commission, composed of Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna chairman), Paul Duparc from FIM, IRTA’s Herve Poncharal, Lin Jarvis of Yamaha/MSMA and Paolo Ciabatti, representing Ducati in MSMA, met several times over the past two months and came up with new sporting regulations for the MotoGP class, in addition to Moto2 and Moto3.a

In essence, they renewed minimal ages for the three classes, noting that those 16 years or older may compete in Moto3 and Moto2, while MotoGP riders must be at least 18 years of age. In all classes, the rider must produce a lap time at lest equal to 105% of the time recorded by the fastest rider in the same session, in any of the free practices or qualifying sessions. That is a reduction from 107%.

Some entrants in MotoGP are using passive ride height systems on their motorcycles, and a procedure for checking those machines has now been implemented. In the past teams were required, at the first round of the season, to tender detailed drawings of their aero body parts. For the upcoming 2022 campaign, teams will now be required to provide samples of their full 3D CAD models for these parts. At the same time, homologated aero body parts from teams’ 2021 machines, which are intended to be used in 2022, will continue to be checked as per current procedures.

Brake supplier Brembo, with support from the MSMA, has issued regulations for dimensions and packages for the MotoGP class. Carbon brake discs must be one of the permitted sizes for outside diameter, which are: 320mm, 340mm and 355mm, the statement noted. At some circuits, for safety reasons, the use of 340mm or 355mm carbon brake discs will be mandatory, if the race is declared “dry” by the race director. There are no restrictions on brake disc sizes in a declared “wet” race.

There will be certain circuits where there is a mandatory minimum size of 340mm brake discs. Those tracks are Japan’s Twin Ring Motegi track, Spielberg in Austria and the Buriram circuit of Thailand. At these circuits, either 340mm or 355mm discs may be used, the statement said. To reflect these changes, there will now be two alternative brake packages defined in the regulations, which must be supplied at a maximum cost of 80,000 Euros.

These options are: for calipers, the current option is 3 left plus 3 right, which is being changed to 2 left plus 2 right. The master cylinder remains the same at three. Carbon discs remain at 10 while pad sizes have been increased from 28 to 32mm.

The FIM and Dorna are also looking at race fitness. There are new requirements on evidence that must be considered when the series reviews recovery from a head injury and concussion, from abdominal/thoracic injury and musculoskeletal injuries, such as fractures requiring surgery, compound or complex fractures. With any doubt, the CMO, medical director and FIM medical officer can request further opinion on the reports and evidence provided to determine whether a rider is fit or unfit for competition,.

Additionally, the helmets of all riders, in any class, who are taken to the medical center for assessment following a crash must be retained by medical personnel or CMO for control by the technical director or technical stewards before being returned to the rider or the team manager. In the instance of head injury including concussion or loss of consciousness, the helmet will be forwarded to the FIM laboratory – at the University of Zaragoza – for expert examination and non-destructive analysis, with the manufacturer of said helmet notified of the exact tests. They will have the right to approve or refuse and will be able to attend analysis. After such analysis, the helmet can be returned to the rider, team or manufacturer.

The FIM and Dorna are looking into disciplinary regulations for the three world motorcycle championship categories. From this time, there will be Judges of Facts who will discern whether jump starts, track limits and similar issues are subject to discipline. No appeal may be lodged against a decision of the Judges of Facts on matters within their competence.

Information on protests and appeals, together with decisions of the FIM MotoGP stewards panel, taken during track activities, may be communicated on monitors, as well as on official notice boards. These communications as noted on public screens are, henceforth, considered valid notification.


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