Mustangs in May Product Showcase

Click Here to Begin Slideshow What's a car show without a merch booth? Today, we've got a collection of gear from the store to help show visitors celebrate their "junkie" status, along with a few Ford specific gifts and some new facemasks that just landed in the store this week. While they lack the Mustang logo (likely for copyright reasons), you can still get up in your grill.

Mustangs In May Product Showcase

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If you've got a Mustang, odds are, you'll get an itch at some point to make it faster, meaner, or track/strip ready.

This product showcase highlights just a few products from Holley, Rhodes Race Cars, Classic Instruments and Aeromotive designed specifically to turn the Mustang you love into the Mustang you LOVE !

We kick it off with American Muscle's Definitive Guide to Mustang Suspension which is more of an all hands on deck guide to suspension upgrades, but really where else would you start?

The stock Mustang suspension setup is great for daily drivers with no modifications, but it can leave a lot to be desired for your average gearhead. Regardless if you're a drag racer or corner carver, upgrading your suspension will make you faster in a straight line and in the corners.

This guide will give you an overview of all of the different parts and terminology regarding your suspension system, what you need to know before upgrading, and the parts needed to get the job done.

Learn more: Definitive Guide to Mustang Suspension

Holley Terminator X Foxbody 5.0 MPFI KIT

Take control of your conventional Ford engine with Terminator X! Don't settle for a factory ECU with a cumbersome tuning interface or pre-programmed tuning chip when you can have complete control of your engine, self-learning fuel strategies and the proven, race-winning technology of Holley EFI at a budget-friendly price! Terminator X features real-time fuel learn, high impedance injector drivers, an integrated 1bar MAP sensor, and 4 programmable inputs and outputs.

Price: $1,149.95

Holley Performance Products

Rhodes Race Cars Sportsman Rear Upper Control Arm

These sportsman series upper control arms were designed for street vehicles and occasional track use. Double adjustable design allows full adjustability without removal of the control arm. Urethane bushings eliminate vibrations and increase ride quality.

Price: $124.95

Website: Rhodes Race Cars

Rhodes Race Cars 4 Point Roll Bar - 79-93 MUSTANG COUPE

All of our bars are precision bent for each particular body style and feature notched tube ends (where applicable) for ease of installation. Our roll bars are designed to increase chassis stiffness.

This kit includes a main hoop, rear braces, seat crossmember and 4 steel mounting plates. All RRC roll bars meet or exceed NHRA & IHRA requirements (when properly installed).

Price: $199.95

Website: Rhodes Race Cars

Classic Instruments 1967-’68 Mustang Cluster with OLED Screen

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its popular 1967-’68 Mustang cluster which includes their all-new speedometer with an OLED information screen.This new combination features all the great aspects of the original cluster and is available on the 7 performance design styles of the cluster.The all-new hybrid speedometer successfully melds the nostalgic taste of analog gauges with the modern convenience of a digital readout.

Price: TBA
Link: Classic Instruments

Aeromotive's Stealth 340 Pump

The Aeromotive 340 Stealth Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications. It’s a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing hanger assemblies. What sets the 340 Stealth Pump apart is its superior flow throughout a wide pressure range. Compared to other popular aftermarket pumps, at 40 psi the 340 boasts more than 340 lph. That’s over 30% more flow. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in the Original Equipment (O.E.) configuration. The 340 is also perfect for use as a universal replacement for applications that require more flow to support forced air power adders such as turbo and supercharged applications.

Part #: 11540/11542

Website: Aeromotive

Aeromotive's Direct Drop-In Module for 11-17 Mustangs

Aeromotive’s direct drop-in fuel pump modules for Ford Mustangs(excludes GT500) feature a factory-sized outlet cap to maintain fitment with the OEM fuel tank and lock ring. Compatible with both gas and E85 ethanol, available configurations include a single 450 liters-per-hour pump, which supports up to 700 horsepower; dual 340 liters-per-hour pumps, which support up to 1,295 horsepower; dual 450 liters-per-hour pumps, which support up to 1,500 horsepower; and triple 450 liters-per-hour pumps, which support up to 2,300 horsepower. The dual 450 liters-per-hour pump module can also be easily upgraded to triple pumps by installing an additional 450 liters-per-hour fuel pump to the existing bulkhead. Each configuration is also offered as a complete kit, including a fuel filter, a fuel pressure gauge and the recommended fuel pressure regulator based on flow rate.

Website: Aeromotive

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