Mickey Thompson’s New Pro Bracket Radial Is Ideal for the Weekend Racer

Bracket racer Justen Spencer rocks the new Pro Bracket Radial. Photo: Courtesy NMCA West.

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels  is known for excellence in street, performance and racing tires, so when the company launched a new drag line this year, we were anxious to find out more.  We sat down with Don Sneddon of Mickey Thompson to get the lowdown.

The Burnout:  You recently launched a new drag race tire. What was the incentive behind that choice for a new product?

Yes, our new Pro Bracket Radial. It was specially designed for the weekend bracket racer.

The Burnout: Tell us about the tire. What are some of the special features?

The Pro Bracket Radial delivers an affordable, tubeless radial tire that produces consistent, quick, elapsed times and reliable performance. It offers low rolling resistance, no rollout contrast, and zero growth for consistent down-track times.


The Burnout: How does it differ from other drag tires out there on the market?

When radial tires were first introduced in drag racing, they were fast, but they often proved to be unforgiving at the starting line. We’re closing this gap in radial tire technology with the Pro Bracket Radial. These tires will run well using more air pressure to provide a stable feel and response at the top end of the track.

The Burnout: How do the years of tire expertise help Mickey Thompson craft specific tires for specific needs?

We listen to the racers. The Pro Bracket Radial uses our proven race tire technology, and has exceeded our expectations in real-world testing. Plus, some of us here at M/T are weekend racers. So, we have a good understanding of what is needed for the tire to perform well under a variety of conditions.

The Burnout: Who is this tire appropriate for? What level of racer?

The Pro Bracket Radial is specially designed for weekend bracket racers who are looking for a reliable tire that will deliver exceptional performance at the top of the track and consistent track times.

The Burnout: Any other info we should know about this or other tires? Any other performance products coming out that you’d like to announce?

Absolutely! The recently introduced ET Street R was engineered for the drag strip, but is D.O.T. approved for the street. The ET Street R (R is for race) delivers incredible traction for high-powered applications and utilizes ET Street® Radial Pro™ technology and the proven R2 compound in the radial tire sizes. Bias ply options for hard-core manual transmission and Pro Street applications are specially engineered with the track-tested M5 compound with the exception of the big 34X18.50-16LT size which uses our proven X5 compound.

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