Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Line Gives Vehicles New Appearance


For 115 years, Meguiar’s has been refining their formulas to bring customers the most specialized, state-of-the-art products. The company claims to offer products to clean, protect, and shine every surface of your vehicle. Meguiar’s products can help give you the bright shine you see at car shows and in dealership show rooms with the ease and simplicity of regular car-cleaning products.

Meguiar’s has recently introduced a new line of cleaning products called the Mirror Bright line. This line includes automobile shampoo, polishing wax, wheel cleaner, detailing spray, and leather lotion. According to Meguiar’s, these products are simple yet effective solutions for enthusiasts who want to quickly detail and maintain their automobiles themselves and these products will give them the finish they are looking to achieve.

MB0148_MBAutoShampoo copy

The Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo is formulated for all automobile finishes including modern clear coats. The shampoo is perfect and safe for regular use on all car surfaces.

MB0214_MBPolishingWax copy

The Mirror Bright Polishing Wax combines the power of polishing and waxing into one simple step that will reveal maximum gloss, depth of color, and mirror-like reflections on the whole surface of your vehicle. The ingredients of this polishing wax intend to deliver outstanding wax protection that locks in shine.


The Wheel Cleaner from the Mirror Bright line is intended for all automobile wheel types and is strong yet gentle. The special formula claims to dissolve brake dust and rust remnants and is safe on all wheel brake finishes including chrome, polished aluminum, and paint.

MB0322_MBDetailingSpray copy

The Mirror Bright Detailing Spray can be used on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle to gently clean all surfaces and finishes. The no-scratch formula claims to be safe for all paint types including lacquers, enamels, and clear coats. It removes bird soiling, grime, and any other contaminants from paint finishes between full car washings.

MB0414_MBLeatherLotion copy

Lastly, the Mirror Bright Leather Lotion works hard to clean, condition, and protect your leather all in one step. The gentle cleaners intend to remove dirt and grime that build up over time while leaving behind a soft feel and low-sheen but non-greasy look and feel. UV protectants also work to shield leather from harmful rays, helping to keep your leather looking new.

This line of products was just introduced this year, so test it out and let us know what you think of it!

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