McKenna Haase’s Sprint Car Journey Circles Back with Interstate Batteries

In her hometown of Carlisle, Iowa, McKenna Haase began her journey as a 15-year-old, selling Interstate Batteries door-to-door to fund her dream of owning a sprint car. Now 27, Haase proudly displays the familiar bright green colors of Interstate Batteries on her 410 winged sprint car as she competes in prestigious events across the United States.

The link between the determined teenager and the accomplished racer she is today spans 12 years and is connected through LinkedIn. In 2023, shortly after Lain Hancock assumed the role of President and CEO of Interstate Batteries, Haase reached out to him on LinkedIn, seeking feedback on her marketing presentation. Impressed by her drive and confidence, Hancock championed her proposal within Interstate Batteries, leading to a partnership that now sees Interstate Batteries sponsoring Haase for 12 sprint car races, starting with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series #LetsRaceTwo event at Eldora Speedway.

Hancock noted the alignment between Haase’s values and those of Interstate Batteries, emphasizing their shared journey of growth and determination. This sponsorship allows Haase to pursue her most ambitious racing schedule yet, competing in 40 races across various series, including iconic events like the King’s Royal and the Knoxville Nationals.

Beyond financial support, Interstate Batteries’ partnership enables Haase to enhance her race team, including the hiring of a dedicated crew chief. Previously juggling multiple roles as driver, owner, and crew chief, Haase now has the resources to focus on her driving while also strengthening her team.

Reflecting on her journey, Haase acknowledges the challenges she has faced, including the absence of a crew chief, but she remains resilient, driven by her passion for racing and her determination to succeed. Her success on the track is complemented by her academic background in business and finance, which she leverages to manage her racing team and her non-racing ventures.

Haase’s commitment extends beyond the track, as she devotes time to Youth Racers of America, a nonprofit she founded to support young individuals aspiring to careers in motorsports. As she enters her most prolific racing season yet, Haase continues to exemplify resilience, determination, and a commitment to giving back to the racing community.

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