Mark Worman Revs Up a Newly Resto’d Graveyard Carz


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When Graveyard Carz aired its premier episode on Velocity Channel in April of 2012, thousands of new viewers immediately reacted to the immaculately restored Dodge and Plymouth muscle machines, but an equal volume of new fans were appalled by the head-on collision of personalities on the concrete floors of Worman’s body shop, Welby’s Car Care.

Anyone who’s ever read the comments on Mark Worman’s “Graveyard Carz” Facebook page would be convinced that the shop needs to be locked up and sealed off in order to allow a team of shrinks to sort out the mildly insane from the hopeless sociopaths.  Many Mopar fans – and classic car fans in general – grew tired of the constant squabbling and backbiting.

But that’s all changed now.

Entering into “Season 4b,” the “Clinker Twins” – as Worman refers to Daren Kirkpatrick and Josh Rose – are gone.  Rose had already found another job, while Kirkpatrick fought his release tooth and nail.  As a result of their departure, Worman feels refreshed and ready to breathe new life into his hit reality show.

“Daren and Josh made me miserable and that was reflected in everything I did,” Worman revealed. “They were complete lunatics.  None of the arguing you saw on the show was a shtick.  It was very real bickering and daily negativity.”

As the dust settled, only Worman’s long-time friend, Royal Yoakum, remained on the cast of Graveyard Carz.  Now Worman wants to relieve some of the weight he and his workers bore in the past.

“We’re developing a lot more peripheral characteristics from outside this garage this season,” Worman reveals.  “This should take a lot of pressure away from the main cast.  Volume is up.  Quality is up, yet we’re still having a lot of fun.  It’s going to be a smarter, more ‘carcentric’ show this coming season.”

New cast members include Worman’s daughter, Alyssa Rose, and auto painter Will Scott.


As a teenager, Mark Worman was always the inquisitive car guy who shunned school in favor of all-things mechanical.  He earned his GED at a local college yet remained consumed by Mopar parts catalogs and Chrysler option codes.  he was obsessed with parts numbers and option packages to the point where he became a walking encyclopedia of Dodge and Plymouth data.

“I think that the fact that I was passionate about the cars made it so easy for me to study them and learn about them,” Worman explained.  “One I realized it was almost a science to memorize these numbers and parts and codes, I really dove into it.  My knowledge is far more valuable now that these cars have skyrocketed in value.”

When the local Wonder Bread building shut down in Springfield, Worman converted it to a 3-bay repair garage, which became Welby’s Car Care Center.  Worman was only 23-years old at the time.  Ironically, he had once pushed a broom inside the Wonder Bread business as a teenager.

“It became a matter of taking the time to walk through the junkyards and cleaning off the parts and looking at their part numbers and thumbing through old parts manuals,” Worman said.  “We didn’t have Google back then, so I had to learn all of the part numbers and options myself and store them in my head.”


The Show

“We created a one-hour pilot episode that’s never aired, and we pitched it to anybody that would listen,” Worman recalls, “but they all came back citing the same reason: we were a niche show.  Having a show that only focused on Mopars was too narrow of an audience.  I told them that the mentality that goes into the OEM restoration of any old car is the same, no matter what make of car it is, but they still passed.

“I ended up saying ‘Piss on that, we’re going to film this ourselves.  We’ll make six 1-hour episodes in HD.'”

Worman put together a crew that shot the entire six shows on a SONY Handycam he’d purchased at Walmart along with an inexpensive two-microphone mixer.

“The guys worked it and worked it in post production and really made it look good,” Worman explained.  “We finally got a distributor out of Australia and they cut a deal with ‘HD Theater’ to pay us $500 per episode.  But we’ve come a long way and now we’re consistently ranked at number 1 or 2 on Velocity Channel.”

Worman watched as many reality shows as he could to garner a feel for the timing and content.

“I paid extra attention to American Chopper so I could analyze the way the program’s executive producer, Craig Paligian, presented the content,” Worman recalled.  “The impression I got from that series was the importance of character interaction and conflict.  Without conflict, a show quickly becomes boring to watch.

Worman remains optimistic that the show’s star will continue to rise.  The new season of Graveyard Carz “Season 4b” will premiere on Velocity on October 13th.

“We kick it off on the 13th.  The following week (Oct. 20th) will be our first real episode and then, on October 27th, the greatest episode ever known to humanity will be our Halloween special – starring Christine from the Stephen King movie!”

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161 Comments on Mark Worman Revs Up a Newly Resto’d Graveyard Carz

    • I’m a hard core Ford guy but,I’m very impressed with the pureness of the work and the final results.Wrench on guys

      • Hi love the show Mark is funny and his knowledge of the Mopars is fantastic, I’m a Ford guy and i have to say those Mopars are great looking cars.

      • Hi love the show Mark is funny and his knowledge of the Mopars is fantastic, I’m a Ford guy and i have to say those Mopars are great looking cars.

  1. That show needed considerable ‘tuning!, glad to hear it’s coming around. The builds have always looked great, but the contrived drama was a drag. Great read!

  2. Good read. As a gearhead, the value of the show to me is all about the cars and the processes of restoring them. The conflict between the characters becomes such an embarrassment at times that I watch the show alone, rather than in the company of family or friends. Perhaps that also allows for more technical recall. I suppose those not really attuned to the cars could be attracted to the “reality show” side of the house, but my reaction to that is that we have too many reality shows on the idiot box already and that aspect seems to be rubbing off on young people as manners and attitudes within society continue to erode. Would enjoy a similar format featuring classic Pontiacs!

  3. I am extremely excited about Graveyard carzs new season. Minus the knuckleheads who didn’t take the work serious. I expect the show to be more informative. I believe the new team will be highly dedicated. The future of Graveyard carz is definitely more promising without Darren and Josh.

  4. this is great news for me, as much as I am a Mopar fan to the core, by about half way through the second season, i stopped watching, Mark stopped teaching us and showing the reasons why Chrysler did what they did back in the day, it became a never ending series of argument and childish games. I look forward to the new season, and i will start watching again. So glad Darren is gone, he was useless, and added NOTHING to the show.

  5. Glad they’ve had a reshuffle hope they cover more of the individual history’s of the lovingly restored Mopars I’m a biker from the UK but enjoy the attention to detail an OEM restoration requires….keep up the good work gang

  6. I found Darren and Josh very annoying. For this reason I did not watch the show. I hope the new format works. I have 55 years with the corporation and the product. Let’s hope it does not end up silly like the past episodes.

  7. I absolutely love the show, but with Darren and Josh it was, at times, almost a chore to watch. A little bickering is ok, and even can be fun at times, but the constant whining and childish behavior? I’m surprised Mark didn’t can them a helluva lot sooner. Mark’s attention to detail and his unreal ability to remember codes options & part numbers always blows me away! Simply, I cannot wait for the new season. And Keith MacDonald, very nice article, EXTREMELY well put together and a pleasure to read. I’m A.D.D. and iften can’t finish an article even about my favorite topics. This was a breeze and left me wanting to know more. My only wish is that it was longer! Hats off to Mark Wormer and G.Y.C. & to Keith MacDonald!

  8. Darren was more the instigator and Josh more his target, glad they’re both gone. Mark should learn to tone it down a bit too, it got old fast him calling everyone names and tossing gas on the fire himself. These shows need a personality or two to keep it from becoming a how-to show. I’m just as interested in the technical and finished product as anyone and look forward to seeing it, but if I want name calling and back-biting, I’ll tune in to MTV

  9. I wrote one of those ‘hate the Darren nut-job & hate the show in general’ emails way back 1 st time I saw that show…. glad you got rid of both those guys.
    More car builds and more muscle car driving action on the street – gee what a concept!

  10. By the comments on here looks like a lot of ass kissing up to the “WORM” Mark, i can’t tell you how many times i wish i lived in that state so i could go by and smack him. Yeah those two not there anymore were goofs and aggravating but Mark was one of the main problems with the guys always stirring the pot and i hate his smart mouth and thinking he’s a boxer. I mean really??? Concentrate on the car builds and giving out knowledge to us guys who are not car builders but dream of building a car. I’m a GM person through and through but i do enjoy seeing all these Mopars again that i grew up watching my older brother drive. Stick to the content Mark and not the bull crap you broadcasted in your previous attempts of making a look alike “American Choppers”. This show compares to American Choppers where i got use to watching it volume down because of all the in house family fighting. There doesn’t have to be DRAMA in a show to make a show.

    • Absolutely agree…. Worman reminds me of my old boss. He was a hard ass on the outside, but everyone thought he was just a gruff sweet old guy on the inside. NOPE, he was a prick on the inside too. Just like Worman.

      • Before all this happened, I always thought he was just hamming it up. Daren and Josh always said Mark was full of himself, but I thought it was all schtick. Call me schooled. It wasn’t an act. He may be the star of the show, but he needed that supporting cast 100%, and now it’s gone. I like Royal, but let’s face it — he isn’t enough of a personality to carry the rest of the show since Daren and Josh left.

  11. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Mark is better off without that sociopath Daren. I’m a Mopar guy (notice my handle) and I love the show. It’s one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to the new season and the new crew. And by the way, Tony- I don’t kiss ANYBODY’S ass. I just enjoy watching old Mopars brought back to life. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a ’67 Coronet 440, and I restored a ’67 Charger which is a blast to drive and show. If you’re a GM guy and you don’t like the show– don’t watch. But don’t insult the rest of us just because you don’t enjoy the program.

  12. Like so many others, I am happy to see the 10 year olds gone. It was difficult watching and waiting for the next stupid argument. The show offered so much for us Mopar fanatics. I would also like to see Mark dispense with the dance moves. If he isn’t careful he might “bust a move” as the song goes. I even sent him an email asking if they could bring the organ grinder into the picture. Yes, I qualify as a Mopar person with a ’67 GTX and a ’65 Dodge coronet. Bring on the NEW show.

  13. I think the show will not be the same without Daren and Josh. Mark you were wrong to let things get out of hand after all you are the boss.I like Daren and Josh on the show of course I am parctial to Josh because I worked with his Father ( Billy Rose ) at Empire Districe Electrict Co. in Neosho, Missouri. Billy Rose is a top notch man and human being you could and I am sure it still is true anything Billy Rose told you you could take it to the bank as the solid truth. Mark how will this work out with Josh being your son in law ? I am a Chevy guy but I love Graveyard cars Mark I boxed but I don’t go around shadow boxing with everyone stay true to the building of a great Mopar auto I would love to have a Dodge Charger there is not a better looking car other than a Chalengar Love the show hate to see any one leave the show after all you are the boss and master builder Good luck with the new show.

        • I noticed the ring as well. If they split that sad, but is probably why he’s off the show. But if they are still together, Mark should bring Josh back. He could still be a source of humor. The real problem was Darren. With Darren gone, Josh would be more focused but still add to the character of the show.
          “Bring Josh Back!”

      • They have been divorced since sometime in 2013 and she has been with and is engaged to another guy, just having his baby in late 2014 or early 2015 (the one you see on the show.

    • I agree with the no’s it’s a bore fest without them. Shows like this are supposed to be entertaining. It won’t make another season.

  14. These are about the biggest bunch of phony people you could ever see….all of them. Its hard to believe that they actually get paid to do this–more like the Kardashians with the attention whores that are on here. If you watch closely, you can see some of the crap work that they have done. I own a shop and have for thirty five years successfully.

  15. The personal conflicts were juvenile and a waste of time. Some are OK but this show over plays the petty stuff. Let’s have more technical details and “how to” stuff to fill our hungry Mopar bminds with.

      • Car shows are reality shows. You need the comical friction as well as the knowledge of mopar and start to finish builds. Removing two of the main characters of the original show removes an integral part of what makes the show successful.
        If Wormans daughter split from Josh, Mark should have sucked it up and kept him on as a business decision.
        All the succesful car shows have comical characters in them. Bitchin rides, counts customs, gas monkey garage. You need the element to keep it going.

  16. husband and i just found out about the “new improved” GYC format – totally disappointed to put it mildly. watched from the first episode. probably our favorite show, especially since we’re mopar-centric. but no more josh, darren or holly !!!! WHAT?? yeah yeah yeah, some want the whole show to be a how-to video – there’s already plenty of shows for that. GYC was special because of the characters involved. we always wondered if the arguing was encouraged or legit. since mark now states it truly bothered him, we are shocked. HE’S a character himself ! more mugging, dancing and boxing please :). it was hilarious to watch josh; he was so eager to please and puppy-like, darren always managed to drop our jaws with his bizarre antics and holly was a great find and added alot. was so looking forward to it finally coming back but now will prepare for being bored. fake drama is stupid but we thought the silly back and forth’s were hilarious. when mark sent josh to locate a hard-to-find part from the donor cars, came back holding something to tell mark he couldn’t find it, and mark says well it’s in your hand longturd or when mark’s looking for darrin and camera pans to garage sale across the street we just rolled on the floor laughing. that is why we cherished GYC. so sad.

  17. I’m hopeful that the new format will be more serious and less shtick. Who cares about the goofy nonsense. When you restore cars at the level that Mark and his crew do, there’s no clown acts needed. I’ve learned so much by watching GYC, and appreciate the level of detail that Mark insists on his resto jobs. If you want to watch shtick, go ahead and watch Ass Monkey or the spin-off show. If you’re serious about restoring cars, watch Chasing Classic Cars and GYC. BTW, Holly was a great addition and didn’t need to go.

    • I totally agree. I have never hated anyone, but made an exception for Darren. He was boring, insulting and irritating to watch. I love American Myscle car of all types. By season three, I would just DVR the show and fast forward through the bulls^*t and commercials just for the cars. The constant product placement and advertisement is irritating too but I understand that’s how they pay bills and pad Mark’s pockets. Season 4 episode 1, Mark confesses that customers are getting upset with the long delays in the return of their cars that they partially pay up front for. I’m glade someone kick them in the butt to get moving. I want to see more car get finished, that’s the pay off for watching the show. If I wanted to watch the three stooges, there is Netflix for that. If Overhauling could cut out all the pranks and succed, then GYC can.

  18. I think that the reason this show was so much fun to watch was because of the bickering. Unless you’re a mechanic or body shop worker, all of the esoterica can get a bit dry without it. I thought Daren was absolutely hilarious. The interaction between him and the others was very entertaining. Further, if GYC was consistently ranked 1 or 2 on Velocity, then the formula must have been successful. Don’t mess with success. I suspect the show will continue to be interesting, but not nearly as entertaining or fun with the cast change. The first episode was a bit on the boring side for me. Mark is a superb craftsman with impeccable attention to detail, which I admire. However, I think this cast change is a “grave” error…. pun intended.

  19. Certainly Darren and Josh could be annoying but did anyone else notice the complete contradiction in the statement that Mark made in the article above? In the article, vis-a-vis the television show, he says, “Without conflict, a show quickly becomes boring to watch” which he observes in describing how he came up with the concept for his own show. Oddly enough, he just removed all the sources of conflict in order to make a more car-centric show which, still more odd, brings his show right into the realm of being niche for which the concept was originally turned down for. In other words, as others have stated, this is will be a show specifically for Mopar-heads which is fine but it is now too niche since there is no drama. After all, few people watched American Chopper just to see a motorcycle being built but instead tuned in to see the open conflict between Junior and Senior. And now, no-one will tune in to see the conflict and tension between Darren and Mark with Josh thrown in for the comic foil. Simply put, unless you are a gearhead, the new show is is “boring to watch.”

    • Absolutely noticed that quote as well, yes. Don’t know what he was thinking. He just removed the only reason anyone who isn’t die-hard Mopar ever watched.

  20. I always thought the antics were staged for the camera (see the popcorn machine episode). I would have to assume more to the story as what is being reported here. Someone mentioned Josh and Mark’s daughter split up, so that could be the case Josh is gone.
    I wonder if Mark paid Darren for all the parts he took off his car.

  21. I have to say that I was one of those who thought the antics were staged. To me that was the novelty of the show. I always referred to Mark, Darren, and Josh as the Three Stooges (albeit with more intelligence) of the car restoration world.
    Mark always seemed quite knowledgeable about old Mopars almost to a fault, but Darren, I thought, had almost as much knowledge as well.
    Mark Worman’s on-air personality always seemed rather self adsorbed in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.
    I am curious to Darren’s side of things.
    I will still watch the show because these guys are good at what they do.

  22. I couldn’t believe that Darren was allowed to keep saying all the negative things about Mark, the cars, the other workers, and the quality of work that the shop put out. On a pure business basis, he was a detriment to the company. He needed to go. And that judgment doesn’t take into the fact that he was immature and an instigator and troublemaker. Josh was just dumb. He was young and hard headed, and thought he was above reproach because he was the bosses son-in-law. And Mark himself is about as immature as a boss can be. If he wants a productive shop, it needs to remain professional, and Mark is as far from that as can be. I watch the show intermittently because I love to watch the cars come together. But when the stuff between Mark and Darren started, I changed the channel. Much of the time, it looked like Mark started it! For instance, we expect Darren to get upset when someone steals parts of his car!

  23. I too was very disappointed by the unproductive antics and even wondered why so many folks would do business with GYC knowing the level of dysfunction. I suppose Mark’s skills and reputation were worth the long drawn-out restoration journey they all went through. Regarding the antics however, we only have Mark’s side of the story after Darren and Josh departed. A break-up seems to make sense on why Josh is gone, but Darren’s case is much more complex. I admit he could be very arrogant and abrasive, but I don’t buy Mark’s implications that Darren and Josh were centrally to blame for the tensions, The episode I watched tonight clearly showed Mark starting his old routine with his daughter and the new/old paint guy as stand-ins if you will for Josh and Darren respectively. He treats his daughter much like he treated Josh (as if he were an idiot) and Bill just as he treated Darren; always picking his s**t over technical details, petty stuff like how fast he was lowering the engine into the ‘cuda, and also coming up behind him to shadow box, and was called out for it too. I guess Royal is just used to Mark’s BS after all the years being his friend and probably feels it’s worth putting up with to pursue the work they do at GYC.
    I like the new facility and processes i.e. progress board, and farming out work to AMD. But I think it’s just a matter of time before we see a resurgence of the acrimony that plagued the show to date.

    • That’s just it — if he wanted a more professional atmosphere with fewer hijinks, why try to recreate that with a “new” cast? The article above admits that the heart of these types of shows is the conflict. Although some people seemed to be driven nutty by Daren and Josh, the solid fact is that ratings were solid and people watched. I gave the show a chance this week, and it’s unwatchable. If there is a “new urgency” in the shop, as Mark said, why would he bring in his daughter who has very little knowledge of these cars?

      I think folks were able to separate the very professional and loving work done on the cars from the “show,” which was the conflict that naturally arose with Josh and Daren around. Mark always had solid guys like Derrick behind the scenes doing the real yeoman’s work to keep the shop going when the goofing off happened. This was just a matter of Mark’s ego at work, and I’m afraid it’s going to kill the show for good.

      Ratings were up for the debut, but my guess is they were up for two reasons:
      1) People didn’t know Josh and Daren were gone and tuned in expecting to see more of the same show they loved
      2) People knew Josh and Daren were fired and were curious to see what Mark was going to do with the “new” show

      My guess is the ratings bonanza is over. The only viewers left will be the Mopar fans who watched only for the cars. I admit, I didn’t watch for the cars initially, I watched for the personalities. Eventually, the cars won me over and I fell in love with them. We’ll see what happens I guess.

  24. I watched the show for the constant conflicts between Darren and Mark. It’s really what made the show. People can say they grew tired of the battling, but Mark Worman is so arrogant and self absorbed (not that Darren isn’t), and Darren kept him grounded. I watched it last night with the new cast, and it was boring. Mark picked on his daughter, picked on the other guys…but the energy just wasn’t there. Darren would have picked right back, undermined him, and found a way to screw with his day. Yet, the builds (eventually) got done. Now there’s no one to tamp down Mark’s arrogance, so it may as well be the “Look at Me, I’m the Glorious Mark Worman!!!” show. I’ll give it one more episode, but I hope it gets better.

  25. My very first “new car purchase” off the showroom floor was a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, 440 Magnum 375HP, auto trans. for $3,200.00, or so. Marketed as a “White Hat Special” it was red with a white vinyl top and was my favorite car of all time.
    Now, almost 50 years later, I am regretting letting that car go and find myself drooling over all the fantastic MOPAR cars on this show and the level of detail Marc goes to in his restorations. Yes, I am a “gearhead” and cringe every time the show drops to the level of “reality TV”.
    The new show is a much welcome improvement in that it devotes more time to the important technical detail and care of his customers, even though Marc can’t help getting in the sandbox occasionally.
    As one of my favorite shows of all time, I welcome the new format.

    • I don’t know if you realize that GYC is supposed to be a comedy not a how to show. There is nothing funny about the show anymore for those of us who watched to laugh not learn.

  26. If you look for Josh Rose on Instagram joshrose1024, you will find out most of the story. Sounds like he has a gag-order. But to summarize he states that he was fired from the show and the relationship. There are always multiple sides to a story, but it still sad. He always seemed like a hardwork man that fought hard to provide for his family. That was evident when he took a outside job in season 2. To which Mark was pissed off and prank called him at his job. Really Mark, he was trying to put food and diapers on your grandchild, and you fault him for that?

    I’m sure Allysa is a sweet girl, but with Josh out of the picture, it’s seems like Dad has provided a new way to give his daughter a good paycheck as a member on the show. But family is always hard to work for, how long before Mark makes it unbearable to deal with and leave as well?

    • Not to mention the building budding relationship that is brewing between Marks daughter and the new mechanic Dave, who creepily looks like dear old dad…Mark insisted on the head shot interview. There’s some pretty obvious chemistry going on there and Dave is swarming his way right into Josh’s old life….

  27. Just plain stupid! The show sucked. The antics with new cast is so mind numbing! These new cast membets are not Darrin or Josh. And where is Holly? Now just a stupid fake show. Mark doesnt even hardly rebuild anny of these cars! Sends them out to be done. So what he does is store cars that need restored and deligates the work out to other car restoration shops. So Mark is a middle man and his “Graveyard Carz” is a clearinghouse for other restoration shops. BORING! STUPID TO MAKE A SHOW ABOUT SOME MIDDLE MAN OPERATING A CLEARINGHOUSE OF VARIOUS RESTORATION SHOPS TO DELIGATE THE SHOP THAT DOES THE WORK AND THEN MARK TAKES THE CREDIT! TOTALLY BOGUS BULLS#*T FOR SURE. AND IT IS NOT WORTH LISTENING TO MARK BRAG ON HIMSELF AND JOKE AROUND WITH HIS POORLY INFORMED DAUGHTER AND A GUY THAT YOU ATE BASICALLY RUDE TO. NOPE NOT WATCHING EVER AGQIN TIL DARRIN IS BACK!

    • Hey darin Kirkpatrick, ugh I mean disabled granny, no I think I had it right the first time. Its obvious disabled granny is Darin Kirdickheadpatrick, you are pathetic I would have fired your ass 3 years ago, you are a sorry excuse for a man or granny or whatever you are.

      • Bob you are a total bonehead! Im not Darin! I am a disabled grandmother! I am entitled to my opinion even if you disagree with it! So before you go off on some idiotic rant you may want to BREATH IN SOME OXYGEN! And I stand by everything I said.

      • Last night the motor Mark built a year ago had some issues. It took most of the show to figure out the problems. My husband is an engine builder and he has never had the issues with a motor like Mark did! Hahahahaha guess Mark should splurge on a REAL ENGINE BUILDING TECHNICIAN! The guy is a joke! His show is a joke! He is a wannabe. He is NOT a true restoration expert. If it wasnt for the other shops that do the work the cars would never get done. Who takes a car to a shop to be restored and then wait YEARS to get the car back restored? NOBODY with half a brain! Maybe they should take their cars to the Kindig Shop! Now they do some EXCELLENT work and they do it there and they do it right! Graveyard Carz is where you bury your car! Its just a MOPAR boneyard. WE LOVE MOPARS! WE ONLY DRIVE AND OWN MOPARS! And what Mark does to these cars and owners is a crime! He isnt what he presents himself as! TAKE GRAVEYARD CARZ OFF THE AIR! False advertising on Worman’s part!

      • Whatever. You do realize we all have the right to our own opinion, right? Does attacking me because I dont find Graveyard Carz entertaining make you feel better? Guess it must be a show for those easily entertained. Maybe if you really want to see REAL automotive custom craftmanship and a shop that has talented individuals that really do the work and actually finish cars you should tune into “BITCHIN RIDES” owned and operated by Dave Kindig! Talent oozes out of this guy and his entire crew! They are the real deal! Not some horse and pony show like Graveyard Carz! The best part of Graveyard Carz was the show that featured “Christine”. Otherwise its a mind numbing car show that really doesnt accomplish much. My opinion!

        • I wasn’t attacking you because of your opinion, I was reacting to your apparent love affair with Daren, who is crazy, and Josh, who was near nothing to most viewers. Also, 2/3 of your post was capitalized, which is yelling in Netland; so it looked somewhat unhinged. So you’re not going to watch anymore until Daren is back? Sure, you seem too involved to make good on that promise.

          Mark originally constructed the show to have manufactured drama to keep the interest of the reality show zombies, which worked pretty well. But Daren took it way too far, offending the sensibilities of working people everywhere by creating what’s called a hostile work environment. Do you know what happens to people like that in companies in the real world? They get fired. Since Welby’s Car Care is an actual business, that’s what transpired. You say that Mark’s a middle man, who doesn’t work on the cars, but he is shown assembling engines, doing body work, painting, restoring small parts, applying decals and graphics, etc. Looks like work to me. Not a lot, but he can’t do a lot. More on that later.

          As for your infatuation with Josh, you’re a woman, so I can respect that. I’m a man, and to me, he was a sort of background character that never really registered. I believe that he quit because his relationship with Mark’s daughter ended, continuing to work there would have been uncomfortable, and he got an offer elsewhere.

          I find it ironic that you bring up Bitchin’ Rides, because Dave Kindig has basically the same role as Mark; he founded the company, used to do all the work himself, grew it successfully, and hired other craftsmen to take over most of the car construction. Sound familiar? People who own and operate million dollar companies have their hands full with the operation/management side of the business, and can’t spend a lot of time on the labor side, whether they want to or not. I manage a collision repair facility in Phoenix. I know.

          I do watch Bitchin’ Rides, and I like the cars they build – except for the ’59 Buick, which I didn’t care for. Still it’s apples and oranges, ground-up one-off custom cars as opposed to faithful factory correct restorations. But it is a show that features actual car work being done, and so it appeals to me more than the polluted reality show version of car shows. The worst example of that is Counting Cars, which I refuse to watch because in a 45 minute show, they might show 45 seconds of car work – the rest being endless mind-liquefying manufactured conflict between strange looking employees. Pass.

          I hope the show continues down this new path of more restoration work and less Jerry Springer. And now that Clown Zero is gone, I’m confident that it will.

  28. So far, kind of ok. I do have one large bone to pick with the show producers, though. I’m a woman who is pretty good with a wrench, been a shadetree mechanic for years, so I feel like I have the right to ask them to keep Alyssa in the office running HR where she belongs until she has received enough training to at least know which end of an exhaust manifold goes up or down. Mark has every right to put her on the show, but don’t make us cringe by humiliating her on tv, making her look and feel stupid. Bring on some true women mechanics, like the ones on All Girls Garage.

  29. I am a GM Guy ! Darrin was the worst every time he Talked I hit the mute !! Did Anyone ever notice when Josh and Mark worked together how smooth things went and they actually talked to each other , sure there was a little joking but not when Darrin was around !! Even when Royal was working with josh or mark There was a little Joking going on but it did not get cared away like when Darrin was there !! WHY Did they get rid of Holly. Yes the show is now Boring with All the wrong people Gone !!!! Except Darrin !!!

  30. Mark, I believe a large percentage of followers of GYC are motor heads that love watching those beautiful MOPARS being restored to factory specs. When you bought the new building, I was happy that the show allowed you the ability to expand. I was hoping that you would ADD resto pros but I had a feeling they would be replacements for those people that made your business stand out and the show popular. Your canned explanation of the “real” conflicts that brought you down sounded like what a producer would say and really Mark, if they were that bad you would have fired them long ago.

    The guys that wear the big boy pants made you agree to getting rid of people that got you noticed by a large number of gearheads, and now your show has been ruined with little to no chance of making it thru another season before those same guys in the big boy pants decide that they don’t like the show anymore. Hopefully the new building and the new MOPAR you bought last season have already been paid off. And hopefully you will be able to continue restoring MOPAR classics once the show gets cancelled this season.

    I think once this happens, you should go back to those people that were fired and ask them to come back so you can continue with your REAL passion for MOPAR.

  31. Graveyard carz WAS my very favorite show of all times. I’m a total gearhead and my TV is glued to the Velocity Channel. In my opinion this season sucks. It sucks so bad that I don’t think I care to ever watch again. I see many comments that people hated Darren. I feel Darren was the whole entire show. There are 1000s of car shows out there to watch and I love the knowledge I get watching them not to mention all the cool cars but of the 1000s of shows, the old GYC made me laugh my ass off. It really was my MOST favorite show of all times. I really liked Darren, Holly and Josh. I even liked the old painter who helped from time to time with the other chores too. Of ALL the people on the show, Mark was by far my least favorite to the point I can say I don’t like Marks foolish not funny antics. They are just dumb and boring. All car shows show and talk about cars but almost none of them make me laugh over and over again. Darren may be a goofball but the stuff he did was classic like stealing Marks popcorn machine and coming to work every day offering everyone popcorn, that was hysterical along with messing with Holly having her watch movies and telling her mark wanted her too or when he locked her out of the office and she gave him the finger but the best was the day off picnic where everyone but Mark was told about a day off company picnic, that was the best. The new shows are very boring with the total goober Mark trying to be funny when he is not at all funny. None of the new people have any kind of TV personality at all. I’m sure they are nice people but they give me no reason to watch the new season. I hate to say it but if GYC does not bring back at least Darren, my watching days of my favorite show are history.
    I GOT IT ! ! ! Someone PLEASE start a new show with Darren, Holly, Josh and the old painter just like when fired up garage left gas monkey and in my opinion a much better show that the new gas monkey without them. HELLO the cars don’t make it a FUN show to watch, the cast does ! ! !

  32. Just watched the new seasons 2 episodes…….not the same show without Darren and Josh. I have owned a couple of muscle Mopars in my life back in the 70’s a 340 Duster and a 440 6PACK so I’m probably ahead of the average viewer of the show, it’s not going to play as well without the characters in the shop.

    The show where Mark sent Josh to “borrow” Darren’s 440 Magnum exhaust manifolds to put on a crappy 383 Barracuda Gran Coupe that was a 2 barrel motor would have been my last if I had been Darren……I would have decked that arrogant asshole and ripped my manifolds back off that crap can!

    Good luck with the new format……it’s not for me…….the show obviously helped expose your shop to the world and increase business but, the new show is no where near as entertaining as the previous ones were……hopefully you have a deep backlog of work because the show is probably going to fade away in its new format……maybe many people didn’t like Darren but, there were many others that were entertained by the shop antics that he brought to the show.

  33. Mark is a goofball but man he and whatever team he’s using builds beautiful cars period. To be honest in the first season I would fast forward through the arguing and nonsense to the actual car building portions of the show. But after awhile I found even Darrens negativity entertaining mostly because you couldn’t believe Mark would allow it to continue. But I wish both Darren and Josh the best, I’m really curious if Mark made good on restoring Darrens car or just blew him off.
    I think the show will still do well because like the shows name implies it’s about bringing the cars back to life, the people who watch this show watch for that reason, they are car people. I believe people watch soap operas because they are looking for answers to their own problems and situations, I think people watch car shows because they are into some form of car restoring mostly, and you don’t have to be a Mopar fan to enjoy this show. I don’t think anyone just tuned in to watch someone shave his eyebrows or carve pumpkins. I love seeing the movie cars and can’t wait for Christine, one of my favorite movie cars.
    Living in Oregon myself makes me very proud of Graveyard Cars expertise and accomplishments, and it puts Springfield on the map for something other than being Bart Simpsons imaginary world. :~)

  34. Personally I’m in the camp that favors seeing these cars get restored to their original condition, and for me the personal interactions were a comical bonus. Without the cars, there is no show, but the show can exist without the characters, although I think they make it more fun to watch. Outside of the show, I can tell you that Mark is a very good guy. As a young adult back in the early 2000’s, I used to take my ’70 Roadrunner to him for advice from time to time. He was always willing to share his knowledge and teach me some in’s and out’s of working on my car without charging me anything, since I think he knew I couldn’t afford his services. He even helped me find a buyer for the Roadrunner when it came time to choose buying a house and raising a family over owning a decent Mopar. Two things:
    1. Mark has probably forgotten more than most of us will ever learn about Mopars. I’m actually quoting him when I say this, although when he said it to me he was talking about Tony D’agostino.
    2. He’s legit- what you see on the show is who he is in regular life. over ten years ago he was the same guy, even before the TV show. Now, if I could only afford that ’70 Roadrunner today…….

  35. Having watched all previous episodes, I will watch a few episodes and then see. I cannot stand Mark’s love affair with himself and saw Josh and Darren as a temper to that. I do understand that his ego is why the producers picked him, now that it is all Mark all the time we will see how much I can stand.

  36. From what I read MOST who did not like the old cast are MOPAR nuts. They must not have seen that the shows main format is actually listed as a comedy not a boring how to show. I read in this form someone say that not everyone who watched was a MOPAR nut and those people watched because the show was what it was listed to be, a comedy. It is no longer funny at all and will be left for only the MOPAR guys to watch. Let’s see if there are enough of you MOPAR guys to keep the show going because the rest of us are gone. I really wish Darren, Josh, Holly and the old painter would start their own show and put GYC to bed for good. You can see cars everywhere but how often can you be guaranteed to laugh EVERY time. I would challenge ANYONE who did not like the old cast to honestly tell me that the new shows have ANYTHING funny about them what so ever! When you have a show listed as a comedy and is very successful, you don’t remove the people who made it funny. Again, now it’s just another boring how to show, although watching the new shows, it’s more like a how not to show ! ! !

  37. I liked the old show. Not saying this isn’t going to work ..Marks funny.. I will miss the Darren agitation.. I’m Wondering if GYC will even show the General Lee rebuilt or will they bow and puss out as the rest of America pretty much seems to ..

  38. I hope for Darrens sake the antics that went on were scripted and planned. Who would want to hire him with his smart mouth, jerkoff attitude, screw-ups and backtalk. Bring back Holly. She is one fine lookin woman.

  39. Mark’s act won’t work without Josh and Daren, who counterbalanced his humorlessness and overbearing egocentricity nicely. The show is now filled with product placement, free advertising and solemn pats on the back for the colorless drones who have joined the show this year. Even Royal seems lost. If Velocity (or another network) is smart they’ll give Josh and Darrell their own show. I wont be watching Graveyard cars again.

    • Darren was a troublemaker and sociopath. He was always causing disruption and infighting. He was hard to watch. Josh was an ok guy, he seemed to want to learn the business but Darren’s antics kept him distracted. Josh stopped taking his job seriously and wanted to play reality star instead of car restorer.

    • I have to agree that Darren was a sociopath. The guy was too hard to watch. You knew though, that the conflicts were real, a little too real. I found myself turning the channel when Darren and Mark started to go toe to toe. I thought there must be a reason that Darren was there. Was he Marks brother? a co-owner? under a long term contract? Otherwise there was no reason to put up with him. He was unbearable. Josh, however, seemed like a good guy. He appeared to be reacting to Marks persistent prodding rather than a troublemaker. The only problem you could sense from Josh was that he was underpaid. The guy was having to work a second job. Mark may be a Mopar genius, but it looks like he pays minimum salary.

  40. Darren was the most despicable and negative person on tv. Josh is a dolt. Give me more substance; the cars are the show. Notice my correct usage of the semicolon.

    • Hahahaha, I swear the above comment by Grant Marshall was out of the mouth of Mark or actually by the hand of Mark!!

  41. In the previous seasons I laughed every show all show long. Darren made the show. Without him it’s VERY boring with absolutely nothing to laugh about. I’ve watched every show and this season is going down hill FAST. GYC says keep watching, it will get better. Well for now I’m still watching and it’s getting worse NOT better.

    • The show Sucks now why did they miss with the show they should have left it like it was It use to be a lot of fun to watch put not now

  42. The show is still pretty good but have to admit I miss the back and forth between Mark and Daren. It couldn’t be real though or could it? Liked Josh too but can understand might not be good to work for your father in law full time….LOL.

    • After reading more, sounds like Josh is not with the daughter any longer, sad if thats true, I always liked Josh. Wonder what the whole story is on that?

  43. I totally agree with ****canning Darren. He added NOTHING to the show and he was a lazy jerk. I liked Josh, but I think He just couldn’t coexist with Mark who was constantly deriding him and making him feel small. Josh was raw and I think over time he would have developed into a reliable worker. He definitely wasn’t dumb…look at the hotty daughter of Mark’s that he landed.
    I don’t know how the new show will do. Can it survive focusing on the rebuild of the Car? From what I’ve seen so far, the new cast members are as relevant as flyshit in pepper.

  44. The other guys are gone for one reason. EGO. Great you know alot. So does my doctor/dentist. Do they degrade all the employees in the office and tell me my body is wonderful after the help because of them. Thank god for Bitch’in Rides.

  45. Honestly, Mark Worman is bland and stale. He THINKS he’s funny, witty, and charismatic but I’ve seen not one ounce of either in the 2.5 seasons I watched.

    There’s no denying he’s a master of Mopars, but his piss poor attitude in the way he treated his employees and the way he always put himself on a pedestal ultimately made the show impossible to watch for me.

    Josh and Royal are the only 2 that have any kind of real character, Mark is just a tool and Darren is insane and very annoying, albeit I did get a little warm and fuzzy watching Darren push Mark’s buttons lol. The only way I’d watch the show again would be is if Mark himself was gone.

    • I thought the same thing about Mark the first few times that I watched the show but after a while you realize that he’s brilliantly funny. His MOPAR knowledge is amazing, but his wit and humor make the show. He is overtly goofy but he also has a very subtle dry sense of humor.

      As for Darren, I agree with most – he was a useless whiner and Josh was the real tool. Good riddance to both.

      PS, there is no show without Mark… LOL!

  46. I really enjoyed the show but I just watched the new episodes of the new season and I’m finding it REALLY drab and lack luster. I must say I’m extremely satisfied that Darren was $h!+ canned, but am a little disturbed that Josh is gone! I enjoyed his personality on the show. He seemed really eager to learn and looked like he was making progress. I think that if he was let go due to he and Mark’s daughter splitting up then it was a cowardly move on Marks behalf! Anyways I’m hoping that the show picks up and find some life REALLY soon!!

    • I agree with one thing Losdogg, I really liked Josh, as for Darren, good bye! Is it true that Josh and Alyssa broke up? I hope not, they just got married not that long ago. He also was really into being a dad. If they broke up I hope it is not do to the pressure of the show! As for Royal, he is not letting his personality shine like past seasons, I miss that! No I don’t want to see fighting like with Darren, but I did like the razzing that Mark, Royal, and Josh. I hate to see the show just become another car show, there was personality in the past. There is a fine line between fighting and fun razzing. Mark is a good personality, but his personality can’t carry the show. I do like the little back and forth joking with Mark and Alyssa, she has a lot of personality along with totally cute as hell. There is a little exchange between the new painter, but you can tell it is really rehearsed and planed out. Mark is funny, but I am not sure he is as funny as he thinks he is, sorry Mark, you need other people to pull off the jokes. Still say I miss Josh’s personality. I am also really bummed if they broke up, it was cool to see a guy be so family oriented in this day and age to the point he would put his job on the line for his family!

      • I do not understand releasing some members of the old crew because of their “schtick” and yet playing the same beat down insults with the new crew. I guess the difference now is the insults are only supposed to go one direction and not being an “exchange”. I guess ego allows that. Still like the show for the skills and talent of restoring to perfection hulks of what in any language would be junk cars.

  47. The Daughter’s appearance is uniquely fresh, but is bound to fizzle out, due to the fact she’s not got a motoring bone in her body. [maybe i’m wrong]

    The other new Guys? I dunno……. Maybe if Mark allows them to showcase their individual talents ? Possibly an interesting charactor will emerge. Mark can’t expect
    to carry the “over-bearing” persona continually. He’s getting becoming [more] self centered and thusly……stagnate.

    The shows a bonafide hit ……….. but does it have the legs ???????????

  48. I’ve read many of the negative comments by viewers and some I agree. Although I’m not a Mopar person, I find myself watching and earning about these special cars. I love the show! If you didn’t have Mark with his personality it would be just another car show! I have not missed one episode since the show began. Don’t change a thing!

  49. I’m glad to see Daren go. He made me insane. Josh didn’t seem to bad though, it sounds like his split with Mark’s daughter may have been part of the reason he left.

  50. I have read all the comments and agree with most. For me Mark is a little out there, but that is the magic. I am concerned about the shows future with regards to letting Daren and Josh go. The balance that made everying work has disappeared. I think the removal of Daren may not have made that much difference, taking Josh out may be the nail in the coffin! !
    I am a car guy and love the restoration projects. Some of my friends have already stopped watching the show, time will tell us eventually what the ramifications of these events.

  51. I enjoy the show when Mark is sharing his knowledge and describing the car’s history while keeping his ego in check. I found the first two shows of this season much easier to watch. I used to fast forward over the arguments in the past seasons. Car people will watch a serious show without manufactured drama.

  52. I’ve watched since it debuted. I liked the show right from the start. Now, I like it less. Sure the humor/conflict was scripted, but it did work. I thought it was unnecessary but now that it’s gone I miss it. A more car centered show and cast now? Then explain Alyssa who doesn’t know dick soup about cars and brings nothing to the show (unless you happen to think she’s cute). They farmed out all the body work on the phantom cuda. They would have done it all in shop previously. I don’t dislike it enough to stop watching, but I don’t enjoy it as much. It was a better show with Darren, Holly, and Josh. And I can’t help but wonder whatever happened with Darren’s Challenger (if in fact that whole story line was honest) and what the real reasons are for Josh, Holly, and Darren’s departure.

  53. I like the show now and liked it then . But I think Darren added a different dimension to the show. He brought out things in an entertaining way that would never get brought out. Like the license plate that he said was fraud! That was funny and informative. Brilliant. Who wouldn’t like to see their boss get frazzled once in awhile. I have been restoring old cars for 35 years and that is the way a lot of shops are. Those guys are craftsmen, they don’t grow on trees, they can work anywhere. But mark and the guys had a good environment to work in and that’s is where you will get your best work out of someone. I don’t know what happened there. But I think the old crew had everything going for it.

  54. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the show was changed THIS much. Yes, Darren was a pain in the ass. But he (and the conflict) was why many of us watched the show. What in the world is Alyssa contributing? Other than some minor cleavage from her tank top, not much. Yes, I get it: a Dad trying to pass a business to his daughter. Sort of… And Royal! C’mon dude, speak up! You were the voice of reason in seasons past and you need to be more front and center in the “revamped” show.

    So far, hate it.

  55. Graveyard Carz was one of my favorite shows…period! One classic is when Bill Goldberg was on and Worman was as giddy as a girl getting a new Barbie. But what made the show really funny was Daren’s interaction with Goldberg. Daren shaves his eyebrows (what?)and somehow he thinks he is somehow impressing Goldberg. I was laughing so hard that my nose started to bleed. My daughter came running into the room I was in, because she thought I was choking and saw me convulsing with laughter, blood dribbling down my chin and by now, had wiped all over my cheeks. She didn’t know what was happening and looked over and saw that I had Graveyard Carz on the tube.
    It had become a classic episode–one that causes, hyperventilation, wheezing and pissing your pants. Even when I see that smarmy photo of Mark looking like the Car Czar, I start to get giddy. Now, the show is not doing it for me. I will continue to watch ’cause I’m a gear head. Without Rainman (a dig that Mark called Daren) the show totally now lacks a lot of its humor which were insults aimed at Daren through the cross hairs of Mark Worman’s machine gun like humor. I don’t comprehend letting Josh go. Maybe it was personal. I hate to see couples bring a kid into this world and then get “uncoupled.” Guess who be helping out a real lot in raising that cute baby? Yup, grandma and grandpa.Someone please tell Mark that he had a good thing going and the chemistry was there. Now he messed with it and has made it as lackluster as a rusting “Road Runner” sitting undiscovered inj an abandoned garage.

  56. Mark Worman is the founder and sole member of his own fan club. He is neither funny nor much of leader and the way he treats his employees it’s a miracle no one has cracked his skull with a breaker bar. Based on what I see on TV I wouldn’t trust him or his crew with stripping paint off a battleship. It comes as no surprise that his daughter and son in law are no longer together if his support as a father figure is anything like they way he runs his crew it is a wonder they lasted as long as they did. This is hard to watch TV and doesn’t inspire me on any level.

  57. Long time MoPar admirer, and really enjoy the auto restorations. I think Mr. Worman is an overbearing narcissist with OCD tendencies, but the guy does a great job on the cars. Don’t care to speculate on the “reality” behind this reality show, as far as how scripted it may or may not have been, or to make judgments as to how genuine the personality conflicts of past seasons may have been. Darren was among the most annoying humans I’ve ever encountered, and I thank the producers for eliminating his role. Look forward to more high level restorations, and keep hoping someone will bring in an early 70’s Satellite, my fantasy MoPar hotrod…

  58. Mark I just wanted to let you know I’m really enjoing your new show. It is nice to see you so happy with your new crew,and not so much drama and screwing around .I am 51 yrs.old coming up on dec.11th,and I love mopars.My dreams of owning one like I want (68 Charger) ,well they were crushed by sicknesses and misfortune. But I can always turn on your show…..Keep up the great work! !!

  59. Don’t change a thing. The show is exactly what a car guy show should be now. We’ve had it up to our eyeballs with drama shows and they all fail eventually.

    I restore MOPAR’s as well and appreciate the great insight. I restored a 70 Challenger R/T SE and was installing a set of billboard stripes to my 71 ‘cuda 340 at the same time you were applying the billboards to the Phantasm ‘cuda so it really helped. Great timing!!!

    Great show Mark!

  60. I’m a huge Mopar fan and really enjoy the show. But Marks daughter just doesn’t fit the team. Taking Marks car was stupid and very immature. As much as I disliked Darren, he did add a lot to the show. Josh was an immature jerk and glad he’s gone.

    Now my question…I’m buying my last car and want a plum crazy Hemi challenger. How close is the plum crazy pearl to the original F7C paint code of the 60’s/70’s? Are they ever bringing back yellow?

    The MoparManiac

  61. I loved the show also, I wish Darren was still part of the team, He was funny as Mark, but the new crew with Mark’s daughter as Mark’s foil just seems forced and doesn’t work, she just annoys me and I’m sure a lot of other viewers, How does she know so little about cars being Mark’s daughter?? Anyway I hope they find a way to make it work as Mark is a great character, good luck Graveyardcarz!!

  62. Enjoy the show, I’ve never missed an episode. Really like the way the cast explains the process of what they’re doing and the history lessons.

  63. Daren is the type of person you give a big raise to, and then fire him four hours later, did not care for his shtick, it was juvenile and repetitive. I wish no harm but really if you found that type of bantering humorous and worthwhile, it tells me you have never been around a real restoration business whether it auto restoring or antique restoring, yes there is humor but the majority of the time is spent “doing the best that you can do” so that you are able to build a business that meets or exceeds the customers expectations. Yes I am a co-owner of a restoration business in Texas. I find humor in my grandchildren and tremendous satisfaction from our customers smiles when they see the finished product!

  64. I am so glad Daren is gone. I hated him. Ruined the show. I am wondering why Holley was let go. I liked her. Josh needs to grow up. He could of had it made. Beautiful now ex-wife. Very successful father in law. Possibly could of taken over the business in 10-15 years.

  65. Can’t watch the show any more so awful. Funny I see them take their gyc van to a real mechanic shop next to my work, they must need it worked on by real professionals.

  66. I like Mark. He’s a gas and a brilliant Mopar master. I liked the old show more because cars can get a bit dry, dwelling on all the detail, and the cast and their banter made it work for me. A mix of cars and people. That’s what made it work. I won’t DVR it any more, but if it’s on I might watch a few minutes of it. I felt like those guys were my friends. They made me laugh. I tuned in as much for them as for the cars. Too bad people just can’t get along.

  67. I’m only 4 episodes into the “new” show. 100% better than it was with Dumb (Daren) around. I do sort of miss Dumber (Josh), I always thought he had a pretty good attitude and potential. Oh well!

  68. Can’t say I like the new show. Never really liked the old show either. Mark comes across as an egomaniac. One show where the production crew was featured demonstrated Mark’s preoccupation with himself by constantly pitching ideas for new shows. When he imparts his Molar knowledge Mark is bearable to watch. Unfortunately, that is a small part of the show both old & new. So while the new show is bland, the constant bickering and Mark’s complaining about the old cast was worse. Too bad as the show has potential but is hamstrung by Mark’s ego. There is a market for a classic Mopar show but GYC falls short. Chasing Classic Cars is a better show.

    • I can’t believe this show is Velocity’s # 2 show. It is almost unbearable to watch with that jerk Worman. When he isn’t insulting his workers he’s droning on and on with his knowledge of minute details about the cars. I don’t know how anyone can stand working with/for him. The painter seems like he’s about to quit. I like car restoration shows so I’ll try to watch it every so often but always turn it off. The only thing that makes me not change the channel is his hot daughter Alyssa.

  69. Glad Darren is gone. Knew too many jerks like him. A living breathing hemorrhoid personality, so much so that if you dabbed his head with preparation H his head would shrink.

  70. I miss the boys. Worm-man is a psycho who should be in an institution for the insane. Hope a 440 falls on his head and crushes what little brain matter may be in there. Peace out.

  71. Mark only cares to surround himself with rear end kissers. Mark must have one heck of a case of low self esteem. His current crew just keeps their mouth shut, question Mark and you are done it seems. I don’t buy his daughter gets her hands dirty as well.
    I wonder if it’s true Mark pulls a Les Gold and as producer never pays the people who appear on the show. Rumor has it. Not my words.

  72. “Horribly unpleasant show”, because of the obnoxious boor Mark Worman. Incredible work though, in spite of his repulsive presence.

  73. 2nd best show on Velocity (Wheeler Dealers #1).Josh and Darin were douche nozzles on the show. Good riddens. Will seems to be a great addition to the show. And the best of all is Allysa. She is so HOT !!! Finest woman on the channel. Nobody does OEM resto like Mr. Worman. And he is pretty damn funny too. Royal ?, simply the best.

  74. Judging the comments here i see many that don’t care for Mark..i think he is great..a funny person that makes the show entertaining..The attention to detail separates his shop from the others..Serious collectors respect the product he produces in his shop..when i watched the show at the beginning it was hard to accept this shop as professional and i did’nt pay much i watch and see how serious he is about the cars that he restores..he has my respect with his knowledge of Mopar..i enjoy the new crew and when i see what comes out of the shop its incredible the quality of product they produce..You may not like Mark but he is not there to make friends he is there to make money..The cars that come out of that shop speaks volumes to his dedication…rock on Mark

  75. For the first 10 min of watching the show I admit, I thought Mark was just an ass. HOWEVER, after that I saw how funny he is and saw he’s genuine in his care for his customers and his attention to detail and enthusiasm won me over. I get him now. And when he and Daren were fighting I really thought that was hysterical. I learned more about MOPARS by watching the show and will continue to watch. I give a thumbs up!

  76. Can you say Narcissictic personality flaw – omg Mark is a complete moron. The work environment has to be toxic , staff are constantly berated, criticized at every turn . He is not funny, not even close. We watched 4 shows and that was enough for us, there are so many other car shows out there that are amazing.

  77. Mark can be an arse, but there are far worst…such that BS drama on American Hot Rod…wonder how a bunch of morons like that can even keep a business running and what stupid banker has given them money!

  78. Marks a funny dude. You got to appreciated dry humor. The show has improved this season with the new cast. And much nicer to look at thanks to one cast member.

  79. I just started watching session 5 then found season 4 and the show is much better with out the 2 clowns fucking around
    I am a Hemi Mopar fan and Mark is consider a genius around mopar. Its his show and if he wants to act silly then so be it
    If people thinks mark talks down to employees they shld leave i have heard everyone of them making comments about Mark

  80. Okay okay, gone through the comments, its funny everyone wants to point out what they think of the show but it’s just like anything else, some people hate it some like it, I just want to know who sabotaged the 70 or 71 I think it was a Cuda, anyway the engine builders they took it to said someone put sand in it, I always figured Darrin did it, Worman said he would find out who did it but haven’t heard no more about it, anyone know?

    • I’ve been trying to find out the same info but no luck. That was a despicable thing to do. Had to be either Darin or Josh I guess. Anyone know?

        • I ventured into the car restoration hobby in ‘93. To be brief, the good guy to cutthroat devil ratio is so bad that I’m hardly interested in old cars any more. I’ve returned to aviation, where people know how to conduct themselves.

          • the automotive aftermarket industry has always attracted the…let’s just say schysters and confidence men. If you don’t know what you’re doing you may be taken for a ride. best to take your classic to a reputable restoration expert and have them do the work for you.

  81. The show is MUCH better now. I’ve owned three old mopars and I loved them. The increased focus on restoration is very educational and fun to watch. Good job pulling the show out of the shitter Mark. Long Turd and Shit Bird were driving the show into the ground.

  82. It surprises me that most that have posted think that reality tv is not scripted. Do they also think that TV wrestling was unscripted? Scripting does not mean they are fed lines to just parrot back. It simply means they are told to act and behave in a certain manner.
    There is no way Worman behaves as he does on the show when he is dealing with the public in real life. Same for the two that got “fired”. I have no doubt that they have a group of very talented people doing the actual work, these would be the people never seen, or never named on camera. The very fact that Worman says he watched other “reality” auto repair/restoration shows to learn what made them popular should tell you it is scripted. Learning option codes, part numbers, and other bits of information on a specific line of automobiles is nothing more than learning by sheer repetition and enjoyment of work. As an example, I worked as a mechanic back in the 70’s at a Plymouth dealership repairing 904 and 727 transmissions. When lock up converters started in 77/78, the 904s had an issue of grooves being worn into the reaction shaft support housing by the Teflon rings. To this day I still remember the part number of the replacement part, 4202089. The last time I installed one was in 1980, because I left that dealership and went to Firestone auto repair store.

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