Leveraging Giveaways to Build Partnerships with RacingJunk

Working with partners throughout the race and performance industry is an essential part of the day to day at RacingJunk.com. With our foundation in the grassroots racing community, we know how important those connections can be. Our partners aren’t just names on paper (or in our case, on the partner page). We aren’t just a logo on their websites and social platforms. Partnerships are formed with the mutual intent of supporting the race and enthusiast space to help racers, builders, fans and everyone in between get the most out of the experience of owning, wrenching, racing or, in many cases, kicking a car.

When we enter into a partnership, it’s with the understanding that community is key, and that we have something to give each other.  And often, to give to our users!  This discussion, held as part of “No Shows No Problems” goes into the hows, whys and whats of leveraging a giveaway to boost exposure for both members of the partnership. Or, in the case of inTech Trailers, the numerous participants.

Join Mark Menadier, Manager of Business Development for RacingJunk.com, as he moderates a discussion Jeanette DesJardins, President/ CEO Car Chix & Crank it Media; Nolan Browning, Brand Manager, MOTUL; Jim McConnell, Sales Manager, inTech Trailers; Tim King, Marketing Manager, Baer Brakes and Chris Cote, Business Development Associate, Internet Brands Auto Classifieds Group about the benefits of giving away your stuff, and how it can ultimately help you build audience, make money, and connect with community.

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