Keith Haney to Debut ‘Notorious’ at PDRA Opener

Keith Haney Notorious

Following a successful and popular debut of his ‘Enigma’ Drag Radial car, Keith Haney Racing will be unveiling his new ‘Notorious’ race car for the PDRA Nationals next weekend at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park. Haney will be driving Notorious, his Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet, at the PDRA opener March 17-19.

“We’ve all gotten away from what racing was,” Haney said. “Back in the day, you had ‘the Snake’ and ‘the Mongoose’ and you knew them by their cars. You had names for all these cars; it wasn’t the driver. Fans knew the car by its name.

“We did that with our Drag Radial car, the Enigma. We brought Enigma out, and one the side of the car was, ‘You Know My Name.’ Was it a little cocky? Absolutely. Did we go shock the Drag Radial world? Absolutely. Are we the fastest nitrous car in the world? Yes. That’s what I want to do with Notorious.”

Haney has high hopes for Notorious, as he views it as a nod to days gone by in drag racing. He hopes to make it as famous as any race car.

“Naming a car is what it’s all about,” Haney said. “We want the fans to know the car. There are a million Camaros, but there’s only one Notorious. We need to remind ourselves that the fans go for the cars, just like in NASCAR. It’s the M&Ms car, the Lowe’s car. We’ve gotten away from that in drag racing.

Keith Haney Notorious

“The new Notorious is going to come out and shock the Pro Nitrous world. We’re going for a championship, we’re going for records, we’re going for No. 1.”

Haney has two of the best tuners in the world working on Notorious, Brandon Pesz and Brandon Switzer, and his Keith Haney Racing team is second to none.

“I’ve got the Dream Team tuning,” Haney said. “How great is it to have the first race of the year at Tulsa, where I’m a co-owner with Todd Martin. What a great way to start the year.”

Haney’s PDRA team is made possible by his sponsors Lucas Oil,, Switzer Dynamics, Pesz Performance & Tuning, Reher-Morrison, M&M Transmission, and Menscer Motorsports Shock. Haney also continues to appreciate the support from his wife Dee and children Timber, Alex, Madison, and Logan.

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  1. I am SO glad to read this … especially the focus on cars with actual names, versus corporations’ names. I am an ex funny car owner / driver from the early 70s. (The Comanche A/FC) The “big” sanctioning body has turned the sport into corporation vs corporation … moving billboards being driven by human billboards. How’s this for an example … about 9 months ago the John Force company announced that they may need to have layoffs because they were not winning like business plan … his “team” was 120 people strong at that time. That is NOT drag racing. IHRA has been trying very hard to bring back individualism and innovation in drag racing, but is having a difficult time. Outlaw racing, NMCA, etc have been trying to do the same. ANDRA in Australia still has the right spirit. I honestly have not heard of PDRA and will be looking into them. Keith, if you read this, i want to congratulate you and all the others who are working so hard with the support of friends and family to keep this sport real. If there is ever anything i can do, please let me know. (I am currently constructing a ’54 Studebaker Commander Pro Street so i can get back into things)

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