Justin “Big Chief” Shearer Injured In Street Race

Street Outlaws Crow Feature Pic

While filming an episode of Street Outlaws on Saturday night, Justin “Big Chief” Shearer and Brian “Chucky” Davis made contact during a run, leaving Shearer and his 1972 Pontiac LeMans, nicknamed ‘Crow’, flipping into a ditch.

Justin Shearer after accident pics

Luckily both drivers survived the crash that left two machines in a mangled mess. Shearer spent two days in the hospital and was left with bruised lungs, a broken collarbone and a back injury that crushed both of this dare devil’s L2 and L 3 vertebrae.

While Shearer was scheduled to be released from the hospital this afternoon, he has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Fortunately, this no longer looks like this recovery will require surgery – according to a recent Facebook post.

Facebook post


The question has arisen over and over – is this form of racing too dangerous? Are shows like Street Outlaws glorifying it? As many of our readers are already aware, the news about street racing accidents has continued to mount. One such accident led a former member of this hit reality show to murder charges (Illegal Street Racing Gaining Attention). How many injuries/deaths will it take for drivers to really take a step back and realize that not every illegal street race will be covered with cameras and a well-staffed safety crew?  Will this injured Street Outlaw continue to promote this form of racing? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

For now, get well thoughts go out to both Shearer and Davis and we hope that we don’t continue to find out about more frightening news like this anytime again soon.


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12 Comments on Justin “Big Chief” Shearer Injured In Street Race

  1. You’re joking right? Had chief hit a wall I feel his injuries would have been FAR worse. Look at dave. On the track, sideways, nailed the wall and rolled. More injuries the chief. Racing no matter the kind or location is dangerous but that’s the rusk we’re willing to take every pass.

  2. No matter where you are no matter what kind of racing you do every time you strap into your racecar you know this could be the time it happens .every racecar driver excepts the truth behind the fame and glory that it can always end very badly .i hope and pray for a speedy recovery to all racers this happens too but as a racer id line up right next to them ready to except my fate ! This is exactly why some people can never do this type of adrenaline. Other think jumping out of airplanes is safe it also can have the same outcome as racing but thats not for me

    • I’ve done both, racing, some drag but mainly roadracing, and skydiving. Skydiving is probably safer, but roadracing is more satisfying.

  3. Big chief says it best we now the risks every time we get in and pull down on our belts this could happen anywhere anytime but in this case it shows just how safe these cars are built Even daddy Dave will testify to that. you can’t even go to a nhra event that this may happen so there is no comment about them………

  4. Crazy Charlie here. I have been racing for 50 plus years and I would much rather be in Big Chiefs car than going to lunch in Chicago traffic …..These cars are certified along with competition driver’s license ..There risking there lives for the love drag racing and our entertainment.. They are professional grade. Get well soon .We need you all back…….

  5. If it wasn’t a little dangerous what fun would it be?The big problem we’ve got in are area (K.C MO.) is that all our candass politicians and the greedy big walleted clowns are shutting down all our local tracks from the small town tracks like KCIR to the big national tracks in Topeka KS. because it inconveniences the knuckleheads that just went building(knowing the tracks were there) their little gated communities and crying that it is noise pollution and want them gone!Pretty bad,that they are the same clowns that now want our heads for street racing!Are fine America really seems to be going to shit,catering to candyasses just a little more everyday,really getting nervous what we have got to look forward to for are kids and their kids?
    PS Get well soon Chief!

  6. While competition of any kind carries a potential for disaster, the risk is part of the thrill. The risk one takes to compete should not include risk to the public or bystanders. I have been around Drag Racing long enough to have lived through the demise of tracks like Orange County, Lions, Fontana and Irwindale. What we are seeing now is nothing new. NHRA has done a lot in the past to mitigate concerns from the community. As for the closing of tracks, sometimes it is about money. The racers do have a say in that regard. If all of the racers who currently race on the street would band together and support your local track, many tracks that are struggling financially could continue to operate and in turn support the racers. Unfortunately it is sometimes that fact that the racing is conducted illegally that is the primary draw. That is not the true spirit of competition.
    NHRA Competition #7247

  7. I do not race on the street, period. It’s not the risk to the racer, on the street it’s the innocent bystander. In Jacksonville, people used to race at an abandoned airport. One night, a car went into the crowd and killed a little boy. The driver went to prison. I love cars and I love racing but never on the street. I have laughed off more want-to-be racers than I have driven miles because we were on the street. A life is not worth my 15 seconds of pleasure.

  8. Get well soon man, I wish you the best. Kudo’s to your wife, she’s always there with you. Best wishes for a quick return.

  9. As a man always family FIRST!! But, you have proved the title BIG CHIEF is more than words.Got to be around for the wife and kids most. You proved your street roots when you put small tires on the crow to please people that were scared of the crow,when you knew it most likely would just blow the tires off. just to make the race happen that night you took one for the team. hope you in their face now the firebird is insane to the brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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