Incredible Save at Thunder Valley Raceway


The Street Outlaws showed up at Thunder Valley Raceway and they came to race. The track was challenging with zero traction compound laid down all weekend, it seemed substantially slippery in some spots. With the tricky track, the two Mustangs launch out of the hole and couldn’t hook up, prompting one of the best saves of the year.

3 Comments on Incredible Save at Thunder Valley Raceway

  1. Those two were inches away from an IV bottle instead of whatever beverage they were hoisting. Glad nobody was hurt but it illustrates how dangerous our hobby is. I’ve seen my share of wrecks and close calls but that was the closest I’ve ever seen that didn’t end in disaster. Sort of like what Bill Cosby once said about a close call: “First you say it, then you do it.” I’ll bet there were skid marks in places other than the track.

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