How To Get More Automotive Info Than You Can Stand


Automotive manufacturers aren’t dumb. They know that writers are lazy. Speaking as a writer, though, it’s not just laziness. Like a great digital sarlacc, the internet’s gaping maw is always open for content. But as a writer, you can only pound the keys so much in a day. You need time for things like pricing vintage typewriters, trying on khaki slacks, and trying to get people to ask you about your novels. Did you know i’ve written … Novels?

Manufacturers make it easy for automotive journalists through the press release. Basically, it’s a whole article written in a journalistic style for easy copy and pasting by the writer.

You can be forgiven for thinking, hey, if I can get car news direct from the manufacturer in article form, for what do I need journalists? Hm… Oh! I just remembered. Manufacturers are a teensy bit generous with their descriptions of themselves. Journalists help check that, plus provide perspective and some personality.

For the most part, manufacturers will send their press releases right to you via email. Others make you come check their blog. Others, like Ferrari, make you register for their site. They might let you in. They might not. They can do whatever they want, though, because, well, they’re Ferrari.

I’ve searched out some press room links for major car manufacturers which I will include below. For the most part, if you google your manufacturer name and then the words “press room,” you can probably find it.

They provide stuff like photo galleries, videos, and technical info that average customers might find boring, but car enthusiasts find kinda neat.

So, if you want to put your thumb directly on the pulse of automotive information, that’s one way it’s done. I hope this helps you out!

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One other thing. If you want to become an actual journalist, all you have to do is declare loudly, I am a journalist! And like that, it’s true.

Here’s a list of links to press rooms you might find valuable: Lexus – Toyota – Buick – Cadillac – Chevrolet – GMC – Audi – Bentley – Bugatti – Lamborghini – Porsche – Volkswagen – Hyundai – Kia – Ford – Lincoln – Infiniti – Nissan – Alfa Romeo – Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, etc – Ferrari – Maserati – Acura – Honda – Tesla – Mazda – Subaru –


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