How Are We Helping Each Other?

Gallery: New Year's Day Car Show

One of the things that makes the auto enthusiast communities so special is the ways in which we come together. From car club gatherings to family pit crews, sharing our love of things that go fast and furious is a joint activity.  And one of the biggest challenges of our current need for social isolation is figuring out how to keep each other going and prop each other up without the in-person connections we crave.

However, the other defining hallmark of the race, performance and car culture communities is innovation! These are the groups that created the hot rod, the original custom car; that will put an LS motor into ANYTHING, that can do things with electrical tape and spit that will keep a racecar going forever (or at least long enough to get down the track or back around the block).

Which means that we are also innovative in the ways we reach out and help each other.  Car shows, pinstriper auctions, and auto-crossing are just a few of the activities that this community has turned into large scale fundraisers. Which means that right now, we have no doubt that same sort of generosity of spirit mixed with innovation is happening, and RacingJunk would like to share these stories.  Hearing the ways in which we’re keeping our community strong is sustaining — whether it’s organizing a virtual car club gathering, signing up to do a grocery run for a neighbor, or throwing an online surprise party, we’d like to share what OUR community of gear heads, gassers, and go-fast nuts are doing to help each other!

So, whether it’s big news like Harbor Freight donating masks and shields or the 6:20 pit crew virtual happy hour, we’d love to learn and share.  Take to our social platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc; leave us a comment or email us HERE and we will demonstrate that our community is doing the work to keep us all looking ahead.

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