Happy Thanksgiving from RacingJunk, Plus What We’re Thankful For

Frantic Ford Turkey Thanksgiving
This card from our friends over at the Frantic Ford Funny Car team cracked us up so much we had to share it.

Thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday. I love the chance to tell my friends and family what I’m grateful for, and reflect on it my self. I’m grateful for friends and family this year, for health and happiness, for our readers and contributors and to the racing season coming to a successful conclusion! We get so busy, we get frantic, we get overwhelmed, and finding the time to really look around us and appreciate what we have often feels like a luxury. So I asked some of our wonderful contributors to share what they’re thankful for this year.  And we’d love to know what the year brought you, and what’s sparking your gratitude as well!

Jerry Bonkowski –

To me, every day is Thanksgiving, it’s not something that just comes around once a year. Every day I’m thankful for my exceptional family and friends, my rewarding work, and my three German Shepherds and an Olde English Bulldog who thinks she’s a German Shepherd (haha). I’m also thankful for all the help and assistance I get every day from professionals in the business. They help make my job a bit easier. I’m also thankful that I started writing for RacingJunk.com in 2015, as well as its loyal readers; I hope that relationship continues for many years to come. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, but remember: don’t just wait until the final Thursday of November to give thanks for all the good things and blessings in your lives. Give thanks every day!

April Trestick –

I’m thankful for my fun to drive, manual transmission, turbo-charged car and my awesome Mini Australian Shepard that loves road trips.

John Gunnell – 

In 1972 I was working as a baby food salesman with a company car (’72 Pontiac LeMans) and our company told us they were going to discontinue the sales force. We had a few months to look for cars and jobs. I decided that I wanted either a van or an old cars. I actually bought a 1954 Chevy for $350. A week or so later I bought a 1956 Oldsmobile for $50. Then I resold that car and bought a 1953 Pontiac with a straight eight for $175. That fall I joined the Pontiac Oakland Club International and I soon volunteered to do their monthly newsletter. It was a non-paying job.
I should explain the Oakland was a branch of GM that was the parent brand for the Pontiac. The first Pontiac was a new Oakland model brought out in 1926.
Well, as you can guess free jobs and $175 cars suggested I was not a wealthy guy, but little did I know that doing the club newsletter would lead to a 43-year career as an auto writer. Over those years, I owned six old Pontiacs, but I never had an Oakland. So, for this Thanksgiving, I found a 1917 Oakland to buy. I purchased it on Nov. 23, just in time for the holiday
Wayne Scraba –

Me, I’m thankful to be writing for you and Racing Junk. It’s a great organization.  I’m thankful for a lot of other things too: I live in a great country. I have a great wife (we’ve been married for over 40 years…Yikes!). I have a lovely (very) rural home with a little shop for all of my tools and my pet projects.  And I’m not sure how to convey this, but truthfully I’m thankful to have been able to accumulate a good chunk of drag race knowledge over the decades and to share it with our readers.

In the end, I hope you and all of my American friends have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Gary Rosier –

I’m grateful at this time of year for so many things, but I guess it would have to start off with health. Grateful that I’m “on the right side of the grass” and physically fit enough to walk the many venues I attend each and every year. I stay fit by running, playing tennis and racket-ball too but thankful  that I’m ABLE to do those things when so many can’t even get out of bed every day.
Secondly, I’m thankful to have met the love of my life. She’s re-introduced me to church and we’ve been attending for about the last 6 months now. It’s really brought about peace to me. Of course, SHE has been the Joy of my life and she’s my best friend, companion and lover who rocks my world in such a positive way each day.
Last but not least is that I’m thankful for my family, loving kids and grandkids. I’m lucky enough that at 84 and 87 my parents are still alive and staying in touch. So many at this time of year haven’t anyone to spend the holidays with-I wish them all the joy and happiness that can be as they try to cope with loss, health or financial strife, whatever the case may be.
Here’s hoping that you enjoy the holidays and just be thankful, and hopeful that whatever the hardship may be, that you might have someone, somewhere or place to go and find Thankfulness/peace. Life is short, soak it up and God Bless to you and yours!
Ellen Richardson –
I am grateful for all those who both follow and support us here on The Burnout. I am also grateful to all those drivers out there who put their heart and soul into this sport and let us slip Behind The Wheel.
Keith MacDonald – 
I am thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to me over the past year that have allowed me to become and automotive writer and classic car talk radio host. (Especially thankful for the great people at RacingJunk.com!)

I am also thankful that, while I miss her, my mother is no longer in pain after fighting the good fight for 2 years. I know she’s much happier now.
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