Green Monster Turbine Dragster

Green Monster #19 Tim Arfons

Photos courtesy McCullough PR

Tim Arfons

Tim Arfons, son of 3-time world land speed record holder Art Arfons, has painstakingly remade the famous Green Monster #19, a front-engine, jet turbine powered dragster, and uses it as a high-speed history lesson for today’s drag racing fans.

The original jet-dragster debuted in the summer of 1971 at Rockingham, North Carolina and qualified for a few IHRA and AHRA events in the same year. The family-owned drag car was eventually retired and sold as Tim’s father transitioned into tractor pulling in the mid ’70s, but has now been brought back to life and is just as much a show car as it is a proper dragster.

Tim’s born-again Green Monster is powered by a 1,325 horsepower General Electric turbine mated to an SCS gearbox, and has received some updates like a reverse gear and a drive-line brake for better launches off the line. It’ll get down the drag strip in just over 7 seconds at 192 MPH. 

Check out the Green Monster #19’s test run during the Quaker City Nostalgia Classic:

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