GM Performance Parts Introduces Long List of Camaro Goodies

gm performance camaro specific parts

Photos courtesy GM Performance Parts

General Motors has announced a variety of new performance components for the 2010-2014 Chevrolet Camaro V6 and SS models – including some of the most enticing features from the Camaro ZL1, the Camaro 1LE and the awesome COPO Camaro drag package. There are even some standard Camaro SS components now offered for the base V6 Camaro for those who want better stopping power from the Camaro LT or LS.

“Chevrolet Performance is the first stop for owners building a competitive, durable Camaro for the track,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports. “These Chevrolet Performance parts are based on Chevrolet factory-validated production components that were tested on racetracks and validated to standards unmatched in the aftermarket industry. Quite simply, they’re tailored for improved performance and built to the highest standards.”

First off, the GM Performance Parts catalog now includes a collection of components from the range topping Camaro ZL1. Camaro SS owners can purchase the ZL1 front brake kit, the ZL1 rear brake kit, the ZL1 low restriction air filter, the ZL1 short throw shifter, the ZL1 fuel pump and the elaborate ZL1 rear driveline package. Modern V6 Camaro owners who want some ZL1 performance can order a ZL1 four wheel braking package, the ZL1 fuel pump and the ZL1 driveline package. The ZL1 braking packages add 14.6 inch front rotors under 6 piston calipers, 14.4 inch rear rotors with 4 piston calipers, high performance brake pads and the mounting items. The ZL1 driveline package adds a heavy duty rear axle housing with a 9.9 inch ring gear, a stronger driveshaft and stronger asymmetrical half shafts.

ZL1 front brake kit for Camaro SS – PN 22959672
ZL1 rear brake kit for Camaro SS – PN 23104466
ZL1 front/rear brake kit for Camaro V6 – PN 22989384
ZL1 short-throw shifter – PN 19299460
ZL1 low restriction air filter element – PN 92229651
ZL1 fuel pump – PN 19260557
ZL1 rear driveline system – 22959394 for manual transmission models, PN 22959395 for automatic transmission models

Next up, GM is offering a trio of packages from the Camaro SS 1LE super handling package for the Camaro SS and V6 models. Buyers can select the 1LE PCV valve, the 1LE strut tower brace and the new 1LE Track Pack that adds a large 27mm solid front stabilizer bar,a 28mm solid rear stabilizer bar, retuned front struts, unique monotube rear shocks, stiffer toe links and stiffer rear shock mounts – all of which work together to make your Camaro one of the best handling muscle cars on the road.

1LE Track Pack – PN 23123398 for V6 models, PN 23123397 for SS models
1LE strut tower brace – PN 22756880
1LE PCV valve – PN 12653073

From the COPO Camaro drag racing package, GMPP is now offering the COPO cowl induction style hood along with the COPO branded gauges and these items fit both V6 and V8 Camaros.

COPO Camaro hood – PN 22950678

V6 Camaro owners can now order the Camaro SS braking package that includes beefier front and rear rotors, stronger brake calipers, high friction brake pads, a new master cylinder and all of the mounting hardware.

SS brake kit for Camaro V6 – PN 23120542

Last and most certainly not least, GM’s Performance Parts catalog is now offering an LS3 cylinder head/LS7 camshaft package for the 5th generation Camaro SS. This package includes ported, high flow LS3 cylinder heads with 276cc intake runners and 2.165/1.590-inch valve and the LS7 camshaft with 0.558/0.558-inch lift and 211 degrees/230 degrees duration at 0.050-inch and a 121-degree lobe separation angle – features which instantly bolt on some 40 horsepower for the Camaro SS.

LS3 heads / LS7 camshaft package for the Camaro SS – PN 19300535

Go HERE to find out more about Camaro-specific parts upgrades from GM Performance.

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