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We always love the chance to check in with Jiffy-tite Motorsports to share information on these products with racers and performance minded enthusiasts.  We sat down with them as trade show/new product season approaches to get some updates to share with readers.

1. Your products offer a unique option for racers and performance enthusiasts. Can you tell us how they differ from other fittings on the market?

Jiffy-tite Quick Connect fluid fittings eliminate failures in plumbing.  We do not thread our fittings together like the traditional AN fittings on the market.  Jiffy-tite connectors are all quick-connect which makes plumbing safer, faster and easier.  No tools needed when using Jiffy-tite connectors so you will never strip, cross-thread, over tighten or forget to tighten.  We also offer valved technology so when you disconnect our connectors no fluid will leak out of either end, making them one of the safest connectors on the market.

2. Can you elaborate on how the different products are applicable for different elements of the racing and performance engines?
Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings come standard with valves. We suggest using valved connectors where you disconnect most frequently. In those areas you are not worried about fluid loss, Jiffy-tite’s Pro Compact series product is the perfect choice in those smaller spaces where valved technology is not required.

Jiffy-Tite Quick Connect Fitting

3.What do you think people need to know about Jiffy-Tite’s fittings that they don’t know?

The most important thing people need to be aware of is the different seals we offer.  There are three different seals; FKM Fluorocarbon, Buna N and EPDM.  With these three different seals we are able to accommodate just about all fluids.  The seals come in different colors so they can be easily identified.  You can go to for the seal compatibility chart.

4. What’s the best way you can think of to demonstrate why these products work for racers and enthusiasts?

Basically, why should they switch from what they’re using to use a Jiffy-tite connector?
The reason for switching from a traditional AN fitting to a Jiffy-tite Quick-Connect fittings is because you will never need to replace a Jiffy-tite connectors.  No tools means no failures and these connectors will look like new for year because you never need to use wrenches.  This product is simpler, safer and faster which makes everyone excited.

5. Can you give me an example of a driver or racer who switched over to using Jiffy-tite products and why that happened?

There are many racers and teams who have made the switch to Jiffy-tite.  The reason was due to issues using the standard AN style fittings.  During a race, the racer and their teams cannot afford to have a fitting loosen up, or gall on them causing a failure.  Jiffy-tite is engineered to perform.

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