Dodge Announces Demon Will Come Equipped With Trans Brake

Every Thursday, Dodge releases a short teaser video trying to rile up some attention for their upcoming flagship muscle car. Dodge will also sometimes drop a tidbit of information on the new Demon. This time Dodge announces that the Demon will come with a trans brake. You heard that correctly, Dodge is so serious about making the Demon a track monster that every Demon will come with a trans brake to make launching the car more effiecient/fun experience for the driver.

Dodge can do so by locking the output shaft of the automatic gearbox. Once this has happened, the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters of the automatic gearbox are used as a launch trigger, which Dodge says allows for a 30 percent improvement in reaction time over foot brake launch. The trans brake will be built right on top of the beefy automatic transmission. To engage; the driver will probably initiate the trans brake through a menu, then pull back on one of the paddle shifters, then when the light goes green the driver releases the paddle and off you go. Dodge says the factory trans brake lets the driver rev up to 2350 RPM at the starting line without having to use the brakes to hold the car, and increases supercharger boost pressure by 105 percent and launch torque by 120 percent at launch.

If we know one thing after all these teasers it’s that the 2018 Dodge Demon will launch harder than anything on the market today.

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