Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova

There are a number of Chevy IIs posted on Racing Junk right now, but this red ’67 really epitomizes the model.

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In a segment currently dominated by front wheel drive hatchbacks, GM’s Chevy II offers a different perspective, and it’s ripe for modification. The Chevy II isn’t as flashy as the Camaro, but it’s smaller, lighter, still rear-drive and, as illustrated here, can house a GM crate engine.

The first generation was introduced in 1961 with only two engine options: a 90 horsepower inline four and a 120 horse power inline six. It was meant to be General Motors’s Ford Falcon-fighting compact car and was available as a coupe, sedan, wagon and briefly as a convertible. In 1963, V8s and “Nova” badges became available. Post-1968, the car would simply be called a Nova.

This body style was only produced from 1966 to 1967; less than 300,000 would ever be made. The chassis would be used until 1979, but this is the best looking thing to ever live on GM’s X-platform.

On this model, tinting the windows, and losing the side trim pieces has made this classic look sleek and modern. The bulge in the hood hints at something slightly more sinister lurking beneath, namely an LS1 V8. The LS1 is the superstar of the C5 Corvette, but here, with about 500 fewer pounds to pull, it promises a totally different type of power.

The front of the coupe is really what we envision when talking about a traditional 1960s Chevrolet. The rear is simple. The tail lights stick out just enough to make small fins on either side of the car. The trim on the trunk has a little texture to it, making it just that much more interesting.

It’s a car that is subtle in all the right ways, and aggressive in all the right places.  Resto-mods like this help keep classic cars alive, and competitive on the strip. They also appreciate in value, not something that could be said for a new car. The asking price is $42,500 dollars, but as the author of the ad puts it, “Nice car.”

Are you restoring or souping up a Chevy II? Would you consider it? Leave your answer in the comments or find us on Facebook.

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