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Crate Motor Connection (CMC) supplies circle track racers from across the US and Canada with performance crate motors and components. With over six years of experience in the GM crate motor racing and over 50 years of experience in racing, developing carburetors, fuel systems, and ignition systems, the team at CMC  specializes in the GM 602, 604, and CT525 crate motors, powering competitors to over 100 feature wins each season.

As experts in the field, CMC knows how crate motors can help racers and race teams succeed. sat down with President, Craig Serra to get CMC’s perspective on crate engines, increasing performance in the field, and how CMC is different from other crate engine suppliers or distributors.

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1. Crate engines are often an essential part of putting together a circle track racer. Can you tell me a little bit about how people can start deciding which engine and configuration is right for what they want to do?

What makes it easy for our customers is the fact that we are racers ourselves and are hands-on with each crate. With over 10 years in crates and 50 years in the racing industry, we create and test everything in-house. We are very hands-on with our customers and know the rules and applications for each series. This gives us the opportunity to talk to our customers about their needs and come up with a package that fits their budget.Crate Motor Connection

2. What are some of the most popular engines and configurations and why?

The most popular are the 602 and 604 Dirt track packages. A close second is street performance application. These crates fit into a large majority of series rules and offer the most driveability for race wins.


3. What are some mistakes that you’ve seen racers and builders make on this front? How can you help new racers and builders avoid the same mistakes?

A lot of racers think that just because the guy he is getting and engine built by has a 9/16 wrench it makes him an expert. Also, bigger is not always better.

Working with CMC, we partner with each racer to help ensure that they have all the tools they need to succeed. While crates, carburetors, and ignitions are our core business, we are also dealers for most of the major vendors in the racing industry.

IMCA 6044. What are some of the different categories that crate engines fall into? How do they differ, both in engine output, power, etc., and in ease of install, dependability and appropriateness for different types of racing?

We make 10 different common circle track packages for different rules and applications. Each package offers 3 stages of options for the customer’s budget and needs. The most popular packages are for IMCA Sportsmods, A-mods and DIRT Sportsman applications. Most of the differences in engine packages are created by the rules for carburetor.

5. We understand you offer financing options for buyers. How is that different from other manufacturers/distributors and how do you make that work for you?

Our unique financing is something that we offer for race engine packages. We do this in conjunction with and are the only ones in the industry to offer these finance packages. A typical finance program consists of a few thousand dollars down and payments that are in the $200 range each month.

Racers just need to make their payments for a year and then sell the crate for about 80% of the purchase price, pay it off, and do it again. This offers you the opportunity to get a new crate every year for 1/4 to 1/2 the price of what you would typically pay out of pocket.

We also do something else unique by offering a 1 year warranty for our complete turn key packages.

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