Ask a Racer Twitter Chat: McKenna Haase

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McKenna Haase is racing her way to the top of the dirt Sprint Car world at the age of 18, and we’re eager to talk to her about how she got started, where she’s going, and how she got to be such a fierce competitor.  We profiled her recently for a Behind the Wheel piece, and were so impressed, we asked her to be the second participant  in our “Ask a Racer” twitter chat series.

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Want to ask this dirt diva how she recently became the first female ever to win a 305 Sprint Car race at Knoxville Raceway?  How she is handling the success and the pressure? What it’s like to have just graduated from college and one your first big national race on the same night? Are you an aspiring dirt driver who wants to ask tips on technique? McKenna will be answering these questions, and whatever else you have to ask her.

Join our Twitter party this Friday,June 5 at 3:00 p.m. EST 12:00 p.m. PST with the hashtag #RJAskMcKennaWe will monitor the questions as they come in, and afterwards, publish the whole chat for readers to learn more about this talented teen dirt racing phenom and her plans for the future.

Don’t have Twitter? Then submit your questions here or on our Facebook page, and we’ll make sure she gets them!

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