Apple’s Next Big Bite May Be Into Formula 1


Formula 1

Apple is Thinking of Buying What?

When it comes to purchasing companies, Apple isn’t usually in the business of dishing out mega bucks.  Well, not until rumors of them entering the automotive manufacturing arena began to swirl.  Bean counters at Apple Corporate have given the head honchos the green light to begin boarding their private jets and attend more Formula 1 races.  “But why?” the VP’s asked, as they boarded their flights, each attendant handing out Ray-Bans and Beats by Dre like chocolate mints on hotel pillow tops.  Because Apple has in excess of $160 billion dollars and a car they want to start manufacturing by the year 2020 code-named Project Titan.  All that knowledge gained by other automotive manufacturers has put the mighty goliath at a disadvantage, no matter how big their bankroll.  So how do they go about educating themselves and catching up as quickly as they can?  How does Apple align itself and form new and constructive working relationships with the kind of manufacturers it wants to learn from?  Looking for a race series that’s for sale sounds like a good place to start.

Racing Series for Sale!

The key here is to find a struggling racing series that happens to be for sale and is jam-packed with racing heritage, clout, famous names and technological advances found in cars on the road today.  Locating just one of those options, let alone all of them would be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Right?  Wait…is Formula 1 for sale, by chance?  Why, yes Apple, yes, Formula 1 is for sale!  It’ll only cost you a cool $8 billion-ish to buy them out!  If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Apple has the dough.  So why not buy Formula 1?  From where I’m sitting, it’s getting harder and harder to say, why not?

What’s in it for Apple?

There are several potential reasons for a company like Apple to buy Formula 1. Purchasing a racing series like will almost assuredly help boost the mediocre sales of Apple TV, as they’d own all the streaming/broadcasting rights.  Apple could start branding themselves as not only a company at the forefront of technology but also an automotive company that plans on trailblazing the future.  Apple could add a race series governing body to their already illustrious portfolio, and project to the world that they believe advancements in the automotive future can and will be discovered on the racetrack.  Apple could put their money where their mouth is, all the while advertising their new set of wheels.  It’s no secret that Formula 1 needs a new lease on life.  It’s also no secret that Apple needs the automotive knowledge that can be found within Formula 1 to jumpstart its own campaign.  They both appear to be a good match.  Only the future will tell us how far Formula 1 will fall from the Apple tree.            

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