Andy Leach’s X-60 Buick Invicta Takes 2023 SEMA Battle of the Builders Title

Photo: Courtesy of SEMA
Photo: Courtesy of SEMA

The competition at this year’s 10th anniversary SEMA Battle of the Builders Presented by Mothers Polish competition was fierce, but the ultimate winner was a a customized classic with nearly a decade of vision and effort behind it. Andy Leach’s 1960 Buick Invicta Custom “X-60” inspired by the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress took home top honors at the competition.

“I’m very honored to be the 2023 Battle of the Builders winner. It’s a dream come true; I’ve been chasing this award for nearly a decade,” said Leach. “The Buick was a labor of love, and I’m glad all our hard work and effort has been recognized, especially against all the stiff competition we faced. The Buick Invicta Custom ‘X-60’ embodies every inch of its potential and evokes emotions in the spirit of what this car stood for in 1960.”

Leach built the Buick out of his Bennington, Nebraska based shop, Cal Automotive Creations. The exterior of the vehicle was re-engineered to give it a sense of constant forward momentum and flow, while the interior is an elevated version of the original with custom-fabricated pearlized leather and aircraft carpeting. The 401 Nailhead engine is what powered the original 1960 edition, but a supercharger, power-steering and an alternator with a custom made front drive back up the airplane-inspired feel of flying.

Congratulations to Leach and all of the Battle of the Builders contestants. Leach’s build will be featured on a “SEMA: Battle of the Builders” TV special that will air in January 2024 on the History Channel.

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