5 Questions with Builder Jonathan Flores

Dream it, plan it, build it, is exactly what Jonathan Flores did with his 1969 twin turbo Mustang Coupe. Flores or @jfboosted as he is known on Instagram is a builder and influencer known for his insane ’69 Coupe build. We got the chance to ask him a few questions. Check it out!

1. Can you tell us about your background and how you got into building cars?

Well, I was just the average teenager hitting 16 years of age. When I felt that it was time for myself to search for a car and yea there were plenty of cars I really wanted, but nothing made me feel more alive when I spotted my very first project 1969 Mustang. Something about this car made me want to keep it. Not knowing I was going to have a hands-on experience nor get my sweat, guts, and tears to accomplish it, But that’s when I started to get into building cars.

2. What made you decide to build a ’69 coupe?

Well at the time I didn’t know anything about cars, Well yea the basic muscle\ imports kind of stuff and me thinking this was the only version of a 69 Mustang. I bought it, but I didn’t have any regrets because when I first saw it. It was one hell of a car to me!

3. What’s been done to it?

Well, I could put my mods list but its too big. Let’s just say a full restoration.

4. Any plans for the future?

For my mustang? hmm, maybe some minor details for the interior and exterior like a diffuser and side skirts and for interior maybe a full digital gauge, but other than that I feel accomplished and I’m planning to move on to another project.

5. What car would you build next?

The people that follow me know, but I will soon tell you guys about next week if I received the car

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