Triumph’s LSR Attempt On Hold

Triumph's LSR Attempt On Hold
Photos courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles LTD


The latest certification run of the Triumph Motorcycles Land Speed Record attempt was stymied by difficult course conditions. Though the day was clear and almost windless when rider Guy Martin set off from mile marker 9, the salt surface contained unexpected moisture.

Guy had set off without issues and was driving smoothly in the first mile when the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner slipped on the damp salt, sending the machine’s rear outward and causing it to fall. Fortunately, Guy was not injured, but the streamliner will have to be completely inspected prior to making any more runs.

“It’s one of the challenges of Land speed racing – the salt surface can be so unpredictable. We’ll fully inspect the streamliner and get ready for the next phase of our attempt,” said streamliner designer Matt Markstaller.

“I guess if it was an easy thing to do everyone would have done it by now,” Guy Martin added philosophically. “So we’ll get a plan sorted and get on with the next go at it as soon as we get the chance.”

Check out some of the amazing photos of this project!


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