20 Years Ago: The Camry Keeps Selling

Photo via: Car and Driver
Photo via: Car and Driver

20 years! Two decades! That’s how long RacingJunk.com has been in business, and we are celebrating this milestone by looking back at some of the good, bad, ugly and just plain weird things that happened in the race and performance space 20 years ago! Every Thursday, we’ll throw it back to the end of the millenium and check out what 1999 had to offer (aside, of course, from Prince!). Want to share? Tag us with #RJ20Years in your social posts!

Twenty years ago if you parked your neutral-colored 1999 Toyota Camry at the local mall, chances are you had a really hard time finding it. Early to mid-90s passenger car sales were dominated by America’s favorite jelly bean the Ford Taurus. It wasn’t until 1997 that people had enough, also maybe because the 2nd gen Taurus’ didn’t have the same appeal, but in 1997 Toyota began its more than 20-year reign of being the most sold passenger car in America. With the so-called ‘end of the world’ about to happen in 1999 with Y2K, you would think the hottest selling car would be a convertible Corvette, but nope, people stayed sensible instead opting for ‘ol reliable. Toyota sold an ungodly 429,575 units in 1999, that’s over thirty thousand more than the previous year.

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