Building Digital Business Partnerships and Making Them Work Webinar

How Strong Digital Marketing Partnerships Can Help Your Business Survive a Crisis

Join Mark Menadier,’s Business Development Manager, and Shawn Stewart, United States Motorsports Association (USMA) Executive Director, as they explore the benefits of digital marketing partnerships during the current COVID crisis and beyond.

With shelter in place orders slowly lifting, car shows rescheduling, and race season ramping up, digital partnerships are crucial to businesses and race fans alike. These partnerships will be critical to supporting and re-opening business, whether through cross-promotional social media posts, dedicated emails, evergreen content or even an online motorsports industry toolkit like the one produced by the USMA. These digital relationships allow businesses to expand the reach of information that can benefit customers as well as leading to new business relationships down the road.

RacingJunk and the USMA will share how their collective and individual experiences with digital partnerships have been instrumental in supporting their companies during this crisis and how they are positioned to aid in future growth, and help participants position their own partnerships to be mutually beneficial.

Building Digital Business Partnerships and Making Them Work
Friday, May 15th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Join us and learn:

  • Why digital partnerships increase businesses overall value by broadening the potential audience while creating revenue potential
  • Ways to create digital cross promotional content that benefits both entities
  • How partnerships offer a rare opportunity for multiple sectors of the industry to join forces for a common goal, using the USMA’s Leadership Councils and Toolkit as examples

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