Bigger Photos and New Update Process on has two new updates to call out this week in case users get a little confused.  Both the larger photos on desktop and the revised posting process are just variations on current options, but RJ likes to give users a little guidance when unveiling a new varation.

Larger Photos on Desktop

Users are in agreement — bigger is better, particularly when it comes to photos of a vehicle they want to buy. RJ now offers sellers the option to upload bigger photos that will expand on the desktop version of the app.

If you already have an ad posted, take advantage of this feature to update your images. If you don’t, try out the larger photos in a gallery and see the difference.

To see the larger photo, click on the corner of the main image that appears in the slide show.

PhotoUpgrade 2


Full-sized photos:

PhotoUpgrade 3

New Upgrade Process

This is less a new process than a new look, but it does come with a new functionality: Ad Preview.  You can now see what your ad will look like with the upgrades.

The old page looked like this:


Upgrade Ads 4


The new page looks like this, with tabs instead of columns and the preview ability.

Ad Upgrade Update 1


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