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Default nos for bbc

hi i am new to nos not sure if i sould run one fuel pump for both motor and nos or two fuel pumps on one fuel systems or two fuel systems i plan on running two stages later on .wait now i am running a bigshot with 200 shot jets for a fuel pump i am running a bg 220 its on a 515 chev any help thanks
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You should be fine using just the one pump. Just buy a "Y" adapter.
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Can't believe everything you read in magazines or even in nitrous tech books.

The only reason to run two separate dedicated fuel systems is if you are running two different fuels.

Most any serious heavy hitter will be using one big pump from one tank supplying fuel to a big pressure regulator for carbs and one Holley Type Regulator on each nitrous kit. It is one fuel system only.

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Many aftermarket pumps, and regulators are more than capable of supplying your fuel needs. Run a separate regulator for the NOS. So you can tune it independently of your carb. Your fuel pressure at WOT is very important! Any lag in pressure when the NOS is activated can also cause several problems.

You need to flow check your system to see if your pump will supply enough fuel for the motor, and NOS system. My thoughts are the B.G. 220 is marginal at best for what you are spraying right now. The pump, and the regulator is an area that over kill won't hurt! You can spend the money now on the correct pump and regulator. If you run the system LEAN you will wish you had updated your fuel system. I would rather spend the money now, than look at all the motor peices laying in the pan or on the track.

Some people run 2 separate fuel systems for NOS applications. But this can be very taxing on your elec. system. Do you have the propper cam in the motor? You need a more aggressive exh. profile. NOS cams have less exh. overlap, and more exh. duration. Also a NOS controller is very helpfull.

Don't guess, or take anyones word! Flow your system and you will know if it is going to work with out any problems!
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The motor has steel crank h beams rods je forged 12to1 pistons it has a comp hyd cam 292 with 244duration 550 lift rec port heads single plan intake 850 mighty demon for ing msd digital6. I like to switch the cam to soild or soild roller and pick up a nos controller
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