383 or 406 sbc

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Many of us have had or ridden in something that had a motor that was exceptional... a freakish motor that should have not been capable of what we witnessed. Weather it was exceptionally balanced, or whatever, it ran better than anticipated. Mine was a 2-bolt w/ cast crank SBC truck block from a 75 chevy p/u. unknown cam, unknown internals, Holley spread-bore carb, headers & Weiand intake. Nothing special, probably half worn out before I had it. I could tell you how it propelled that 69 Chevelle @ 3800LBS & 4 speed, but you would have had to be there to witness it to believe me... it was FREAKISH. Defied logic. No time slip/no dyno chart. Ran like a RAPED APE!!!

Wazup didn't claim 10K rpm's, he hit 8300 through the traps in his freakishly bullet proof motor from the 70's... I misunderstood the shift point.

All I am saying is that a guy could build a ratty SBC/stoker street/strip motor on a budget & he might fool many with his times when they find out what it is really made of. I could build a dirt cheap SBC & preserve my #'s matching SBC too.
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lol..I have turned the guts out of everthing known to man...lol

What I am surprised I have not read yet it is that the life and the amount of punishment an engine can take relies a great deal on who put the thing together...the difference between a Gene Fulton and a mail order engine is all in the tolerances (excluding parts)...Dont get me Wrong a cast crank is a cast crank,,,its Metal what will it handle and for how long ...who knows....????

but Don't mistake the durability of a skilled builders engine with near perfect tolerances and a few other secrets Gene Fulton would never tell you....Notice I said Builder not assembler..

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Default 383

did i read his ad to say something about 10,000 rpm? i sure thought i did, but i did go back and read it and could not find that, if so sorry.....you know how us old guys lose thoughts.
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I think the high RPM's was mentioned with a missed shift or something broke when it happened. You have to realize and engine may do that when it's not under load (flash RPM) but they won't live under load, no matter who builds them. Look at NASCAR engines 3.625 stroke runs 500 mi. running up to 9500 RPM's, but cost a Zillion dollars. Case in point, was a cast crank VS a forged crank. A cast crank would not last 10 laps in a NASCAR engine. Like i said in a previous post, the mfg'er don't recommend turning them over 6500, and that's for a good reason.


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depending on the all factors in what u doing I take the 4O6 have line bored make sure the holes 45 deg. to the crank, fill the block get a 3.0 or 3.25 stroke crank and run like the super stock guys
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