How about Caltrac VS Ladder Bar ( leaf spring cars only)

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Default How about Caltrac VS Ladder Bar ( leaf spring cars only)

What do you think about this one?? Do you prefer ladder bar or Caltrac on your leaf spring rig??
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I think if you use housing floaters go with ladder bar. If not the Cal trac works really well.
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Leaf spring on a budget.... caltracs or similar....
I feel ladder bars can give a little better adjustability, but I would ditch the leaf springs and use coilovers.... if you got the coin...
but dont dismiss the caltracs, lots of cars working good with them.
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I didn't answer previously becuase I wanted to see what someone else would say to this.

My opinion is that they both can be set-up to work pretty good. They both will require some tweeking and tuning to work best. Setting pre-laod with CalTracs can get a little tricky. If you buy ladder bars do not buy the cheapest. At least get the adjustable bars so you can set pinion angle.

I will give a huge edge to the CalTrac if it is street driven. It will make a little noise but that is the only negative.

In my opinion if you are stuck with leaf springs do the mono=leafs only. Mulit-leafs are too stiff for a drag car no matter wht you read in magazines.

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Ladder bars wear more on a street car and are real noisy. I would use a slide a link or caltrac before a ladder bar. I saw a post where it was talking about ladder bars binding when you entered or exited a parking lot.
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