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Thanks for a great site. I listed my Jr. Dragster, it was on for a few weeks with some good replies. Then I put it on your featured section and the replies went thru the roof and I sold it right off. Thanks again
Larry Cliff - Jonesboro AR

.Thank you for allowing me to use Racingjunk website. It is a great website for "gearheads" such as myself. If the sell of my listing is related to the ad placed on Racingjunk website, please feel assured that the check is in the mail! Thanks again.

"Thank you for the use of your racingjunk service. My parts have been sold after a very short time of being listed. The check is in the mail."

I had a very good response to my ad. I sold them both to one party. I will continue to use RacingJunk.com frequently. Thank again.

I wanted to say thanks for having a place for us guys with no sponsor, to be able to find parts a little more affordably. Searching your site netted me many good deals on new parts at greatly discounted prices. I am very grateful to you and your company
Marshall Hancock - Americus, GA

Thank you so much for such an excellent site to sell parts, cars, etc. on
Teresa - Lynchburg VA

Hello, Thanks for the racing junk site. I recently was told of the site from another "gear-head" I am spreading the news and have found the site to be informational & user friendly, keep up the good work,and thanks !!
Ed Neel

Once again Racing Junk gets better ! I can believe it! About two months ago I sent you guys a E Mail about slow load up time for us 56K guys ( the Yugo's of computers ) I go on a racing vacation to Fla and come back to Cleveland Oh ( arm pit USA ) and my wish was answered , go figure you must be the only guys on the planet listening to me , Im not sure if thats good or bad but your site is better ,THANKS from the Arm Pit of America ...

"Your website is truly wonderful. We placed seven ads and have sold items off of five of these ads. Furthermore, the availability of so many items for sale by others is amazing. We wish we had found you sooner. Thank you for a web site dedicated to the racer. Hopefully the honor payment system is working for you. Before we found your web site, we thought about advertising on e-bay, but were concerned about giving out our credit card and/or checking information."
Bob - PA

As soon as my ad was posted, I had an individual email me and buy the product I had for sale. Good people here and a great website! Thanks again
Jeff - VA

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