Gz motorsports blows

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Default Gz motorsports blows

Okay...I always buy new parts...nothing cheap when I'm building a ptoject. I bought a brand new Vacuum pump from GZ...somebody on a forum said they were pretty good....definitely pricey. It seems to be working fine...no complaints. So, I decide to buy one of their "racing alternators"...120 amp. It's not charging, so I email them, call them, and they tell me to take it to a local repair place and have it tested. I knew it wasn't working....if it's spinning and is a one wire hook up, and is staying at 11.5 volts, I have to say it's not working. So, I run out to Summit, and buy a new MSD unit...install it, and it works fine. Then I take the GZ unit to auto zone to test it....of course it fails. The thing about Auto Zone clerks is that they always want a part #, or the type of car it is for. Well...being a race car with hundreds of different parts that wouldn't apply, that's impossible. But, they check the tag on the new GZ alternator and tell me...this is a John Deere unit. Retail cost is $129.00. I paid them $300.00 plus shipping. I email GZ and let them know the unit is bad, and they say "sorry we don't warranty electrical parts...you probably wired it incorrectly, causing a spike, and fried the internal voltage regulator". Anyway...am I being a prick by letting everyone on this forum and others know that GZ sucks? Possibly...but the thing about a small business is that you have to have good customer service relations or you lose customers. I would think twice before ordering anything from these crooks. I use a lot of MSD stuff, and have had some problems with a few things...but...I never had a problem returning a defective part..starters, ignition boxes, etc.
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I complain publicly when I receive inferior service,and the reaction is mixed. For example, i have received terrible service, the last few times, I have dealt with Summit, yet I catch flack when I say that from all the people who think they are great. I am having an issue with UPS, due to them losing part of my shipment, yet they will only deal with the seller, who already got paid, and won't tell me if they are paying a claim. Catch flack in some corners. I also had an issue on here with a member, and although i was not at fault, since he is the best thing since sliced bread, I caught flack. If you have an issue, put it out there. You may not able to prevent someone else from having an issue with a company, but you will feel better for knowing you tried. Be prepared to have a thick skin though...
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