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Default Dennis Michael Lynch conversation....

With a taxi driver - RUSSIAN JEW GOES OFF ON OBAMA

Yesterday, following my appearance on Wilkow!, The Blaze provided a car service to take me home. The driver and I start talking. His English is choppy, he is an immigrant from Uzbekistan. He's been in the US for 9 years. Our conversation is priceless -- how I wish I had my camera.

ME: Why did you leave Uzbekistan?
HIM: Bad Muslims take over my country. They destroy my country. I leave as refugee.

ME: Explain bad Muslims...
HIM: 30 years ago Russian Jews and Muslims are friends. Today bad Muslims take over and hate Jews. They destroy everything. They want to kill, kill, kill. You understand?

ME: Yes. What kind of work did you do in Uzbekistan?
HIM: I was very good criminal lawyer. But in United States I drive car. Very sad.

ME: Are you a US citizen?
HIM: Yes. I don't understand why Obama invite bad Muslims to come to US. They will destroy America. There will be nowhere left to go.

ME: What do you mean destroy?
HIM: Bad Muslims hate. They hate the people. You understand?

ME: Yes. I understand. How long did it take you to get to the US once you filed for a VISA?
HIM: One year. US very good to me. They pay for plane tickets. My wife and two kids fly into JFK and start a new life in Brooklyn.

ME: What else did US do for you?
HIM: Government give me food stamps. US give me medicaid. You help me.

ME: You still get the services today?
HIM: No. I make too much money. They take it away.

ME: Are you mad that the US took it away.
HIM: No. No. No!


HIM: F_cking Obama is not a good president of United States. He destroy this country. He lets young man -- 20 years old -- 30 years old -- collect the welfare. He gives free money. He gives them my money. Why the f_ck do I work for them? I don't want to pay for lazy people to sit on chair all day. In my country you don't work you get nothing! You don't eat.

ME: So you think it's a bad idea to give welfare to poor people?
HIM: The United States does not know poor. I see no poor people in this country. Poor is in my country. There is nothing. Poor people in my country have no jeans. Your poor people wear the nice jeans. You understand? This country no understand poor. Obama ruin the United States because he makes people like the no work. He will make the new poor people -- like in my country. You'll see.

ME: How do you feel about Obama giving citizenship to illegal immigrants?
HIM: I do not like nothing about f_cking Obama. The people who vote for Obama are dumb people. Why do they vote for man who thinks money grow on the trees? You understand money grow on trees? He needs to send the people who sneak into this country back to their country. In my country people do not sneak into my country. You understand?

ME: (laugh) I understand.
HIM: Old people get welfare, yes. Sick people get welfare, yes. Young healthy people who can work they should never get welfare. They are lazy. In my country the mother and father never let lazy happen to kids. In my country we take nothing for free. I pay the US for the plane tickets. You understand?

ME: No, I don't understand.
HIM: After I am here for 5 years I save my money and I pay US government for my plane tickets from Uzbekistan. I take nothing for free. I have insurance for car. I do not speed in car, I don't break law. In my country you break law you go to jail. Here it's ok. Communist country you have to look over your back because they follow you. This country you look ahead. American people do not understand. The United States treats its people good.

ME: Why don't you practice law in US?
HIM: (laughs). I come to US and I work cab. I need to make the money to support my kids. I have no time to go to school and learn English. I learn from you, you know? I have no money to learn US law. So I send my daughter to University. And now she is the lawyer. That is life, you understand?

ME: I understand.
HIM: Obama does not understand. (laughs)
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The taxi driver has it right. O'Bummer is letting all his Muslim friends in and they are going to ruin the country for us. Its time to close or doors to the immigrants. Americans need to be working not the foreigners. Welfare needs to be turned off.
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Been here for 9 years, wonder who let him in?
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Originally Posted by itsabird
Been here for 9 years, wonder who let him in?
Bet he's got papers . . . And he understands the question a hell of a lot better than 11 million illegals who want the "freebies" . . and none of the work that goes with it . .
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He stated he IS a U.S. citizen ....
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