The second and fourth amendments

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Default The second and fourth amendments
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Default This is a good place for this . . .

Y'know, I've done a lot of research on this subject and have come to several conclusions, some right, some not so right.

First of all, absolutely NONE of the Gun Laws on the books, either Local, State, or Federal could have prevented 99% of the mass Killings that have occurred in the last 50 years . . Thus, we have proven that the Gun Laws are Moot and the Mental Health laws aren't doing what they are supposed to . .

But, on the right, there's been a plethora of panic telling Gun owners that the Obama Administration is going to control Gun Ownership either by confiscation, control of sales, or making it difficult to purchase ammunition or ammunition components. I get panic driven eMails daily from the NRA, RMGO and several other smaller organizations who are either right wing pro-gun lobbyists or Anti-Obama fundraisers.

I won't even stoop to qualify most of those . . Granted, the Progressives have always felt that the Second Amendment means something else besides armed citizens, and O'Bozo is no different. But nonetheless, most of the panic driven lobbying is just that, fundraisers using fear and rumor to fund their operations without actual justification.

And I'm basing this on obvious observations. In this month's "American Rifleman" are introductions of 5 M-1911 45 Auto Pistols, from different manufacturer, one being the original, who ceased manufacture in the late 80's when the M-9 became the Army Sidearm, and 4 others. Add to that the introduction to the SR-1911 from Sturm-Ruger last nonth and you have a total of six new offerings of the same semi auto handgun, ranging in price from $750 to $2200. In the same magazine, there's ads advertising Barrett's newly calibered MRAD Rifle, selling for a paltry $7300 without scope and other niceties. And there's the new $300 ruger .22 bolt action rifle . .and several other new guns for the Christmas Buyers.

I bring this up because, if the Government is really serious about taking guns away from it's citizens, then Colt, Remington, Kimber, Barrett and a score of other big time gun manufacturers would be shrinking out of the market instead of tooling up to make new and better ones . . And more of them! Since the year 2000, the purchase of Guns and Ammunition has more than tripled, and the demand is outstripping most production. Remington has come out with a CDL Hunting Rifle, at the price of $900, and Cabela's has a "Limited Number" of them! Line forms on the right.

And if that isn't bad enough, this morning I got three eMails telling me that Obama is coming to get my guns if I don't donate $2, $5, $10 or more . . Yada, Yada . . And one telling me once more that there is a shortage of all ammunition because of Obama . . I don't particularly pay much attention, but many do, and they'll rush down to their local store that they buy from and buy all they can get . . And that's what causes ammunition shortages. The retailers love it, the Ammunition Manufacturers love it, and those spooks who cry "Wolf" and then sell ammunition on the internet love it . .

Truth? The Gun nuts did this to themselves. Hell, back when O'Bozo was first elected, through about six months ago or so, I bought into it too . . But Facts will tell you otherwise.

And . . In the same magazine, there's an article about just that. And after reading it, it tells me that if every Bureaucrat in ICE or the Border Patrol, or HSA or who ever, has to carry and be qualified, THEY'RE NOT! You can't shoot just a thousand rounds a year and be proficient with even a fly swatter! Hell, back when I was competing, we shot a thousand rounds a week, every week, and if there was a big shoot coming up, we all increased it to at least two thousand rounds. Take that times 50 and see what you get . . a minimum of 50,000 rounds a year. Same goes for Trap shooting. Y'want to be a good B Shooter? It's gonna take the sae thing that gets you to Carnegie Hall . . Practice, Practice, Practice.

But back to th' Fed Cops that the Guv'mint bought all that Ammo for (for a five year contract no less), first of all, you can be sure, in any of those government agencies, at least half of the population is the Bureaucracy, administrators etc . . so less than probably a third actually carry or are required to be qualified. Or take the TSA . . How many TSA officers carry? I've never seen one with a gun or complete utility service belt. And none of them had a gun at the LA airport a couple of months ago, because the guy who did all the shooting got shot by the LAPD Airport Cops . . The TSA guys were just targets! And in the article was a breakdown for the ammunition per agency. Honestly, if they train as much as they should be, they don't really have enough to be proficient.

Again, I quote Pogo, from Walt Kelley (RIP, bud): "We have met the Enemy and he is us"!
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