Great example for the rest of the country.

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Default Great example for the rest of the country.

6 Dead, 27 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings

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How is your gun ban working Mayor Rahm? :shock:
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Y'kno, the other day, this old right wing redneck was going on about the "Gun Control" thing and why it is tolerated and even almost encouraged in most large urban areas where minorities live. At first, what he was saying was almost pure Bullsh*t, but then if you think about it, there might be several grains of truth to his hypothesis . .

It went like this . . The greatest amount of Gun Violence happens in the major Urban centers where there are large majorities of the Minorities, and mostly Black people are those "Minorities" . . These same people also constitute the 47% that Mitt Romney spoke of in his campaign. Thus, these are the people who will object first, to the cutting of funding for the welfare "Entitlements" that are economically wrecking the country. And if they're all armed, they will constitute the first part of the armed insurrection to balance out the number of armed right wingers who will attempt to maintain Constitutional law . . Only after the Urban Guerillas have killed off the right wingers will the government then attempt to form a new type of government with much the same people running it as we have now . . Just differently . .

Now this is "Racist" and it's pretty far out there . . But things, in the last year or less, have gotten "pretty far out there". Or . . those "Pretty Far Out There" things have just come to light.

Again, watch and learn from what's going on in Egypt. The Military is only being used enough to "Tip the Scales" in the direction they seem to want to go. It's the people in the streets that are waging the war . .

Keep yer powder dry . . .
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