Which Cleaning Method Do You Prefer For Cast Iron Blocks?

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Default Which Cleaning Method Do You Prefer For Cast Iron Blocks?

3 methods I know of, the old acid vat, a vertical hot wash and the oven and blaster system. Which one do you prefer? Having used all 3 I think I'd prefer the old acid vat but there's probably not many of those around because of the acid. My second choice is the vertical hot wash tanks but if the block is really nasty it won't clean it 100%, and I like the oven and blaster system least of all. No real reson and no negative info on it but I don't like putting the block through the heat and more than that I don't like the peening that happens in the shot blaster. It does a helluva job cleaning and the parts look like brand new but I just don't like it. I know a few hundred gazillion blocks have been cleaned using that method so it can't be as bad as I think it is. Or is it?
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Hot tank for me, shot blast get the super clean, but i would prob do the other two, to make sure all the shot was gone
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Hot tank..
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Just being a wiseass, but I like them the way they come out of the "Crate" . .

Cheaper, actually, and generally with some sort of warranty. Unless you're just building 'cause you like to . .

Biggest problem with the "Hot tank" was/is the guy with the Hot Tank. Does he keep it clean, or is there 6" of slime and carbon in the bottom? If it's a slimy tank, you'll have to scrub the block with a bore brush in all the oil and water passages to get the slime and leftover caustic out, which can become a real PIA if you miss anything.
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