Chelsea the pain will continue

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Default Chelsea the pain will continue

Premier League double blue vs Chelsea 0-2 away defeat to Manchester City, Frank Lampard penalty miss a turning point in the whole game, Benitez does not make sense substitutions after the game has become the focus of fans questioned. Although the Blues are still in third place in the league, but less behind Tottenham play a game of just one point behind the Blues, Arsenal is two points behind Chelsea, the Blues would like to keep the league's third position will be very difficult. Chelsea is one of the most difficult position, Benitez will face more pressure to give them the chance to play ten minutes * authentic nfl jerseys wholesale * Torres is also true. Devil race two games a week trapped locked the Blues, because if you want to ride out the storm must have a choice in all competitions. Said a choice, really an easy thing, the club will not say League to give up, or let the teenager and bench have to be done, so other Cup is bound to have to continue to adhere to. Against Manchester City three days before the Chelsea stoppage time goal to advance to the next round of the Europa League, the exhaustion of the team as a whole is conceivable so happened immediately League is strong dialogue, and the adjustment potential from the line-up for the inevitable, but so adjusted is a huge problem.

Such as regular starting lineup should be Cahill partner Terry is the most robust, but because of the unstable state captain injuries, so the game on the bench did not play, but the Stadium Louis obvious bad and the defense is not in place, this The point shows Benitez starting problems, Terry frustration and engaging in warfare a strong desire to coach should not ignore. Oscar play brave of the last two games, * cheap authentic nba jerseys * the field did not start, put on after conceding a goal, Mata came to him with an excellent defense, reducing the lead to opportunities, the latter did not get to live, threats, less than previously The two games, which is caused because of other errors substitutions. Before the clean sheet, first Demba Ba penalty chance for Chelsea to win Lampard the lost penalty shot was an accident, then Ramirez then struck Demba Ba pass, but because of hesitation and missed opportunities, Asia Ya Tulei had lost Mikel head start, wasted too many chances may lose the ball this practice is indeed the law of the football field.

Benitez Substitution has been belated, Manchester City coach after Frank Lampard penalty not enter to put Chelsea nemesis known as Carlos Tevez, but the Blues do anything, Tevez played nine minutes Manchester City break, this time Blues boss began even for two people. Yes on Oscar and Moses, but replaced in excellent shape, and repeatedly fouled Azar is a huge mistake, the Lampard penalty not enter, but his position is not bad also replaced, this substitution is the second main * juicy couture outlet * cause of losing the field wasted opportunity. In fact, substitutions can be replaced with a yellow card and the the physical advances Ramirez and Mikel substitutions confusion indeed powerful players nowhere so after some say the bloody, in fact, the coach messy no chapter substitutions Jedi reversal basically impossible, and the players do not bloody bloody does not matter. Carlos Tevez scored the second goal and Torres replaced Mikel related, although on a glass slide play power forward, but the midfielder position Lampard has under, only tired Ramirez defense is flawed, and Carlos Tevez has been broken Chelsea goal, it is possible to tie the game can only accept losing results.

Manchester City win is still 12 points behind Manchester United, Chelsea lose even more difficult this season, two games a week is destined to be rotated, but the number of rotation after the first half bad, including the weakness of the second half midfielder, defensive closing down is not enough, Manchester City is always calm space to pass the ball, leading to goals conceded. Some people say that the focus is Chelsea beat Manchester City Yaya Toure and Carlos Tevez, but the threat of the first half Aguero also exist, simply * cheap nfl jerseys * because there are more excellent Cahill it did not break, so that the core players marking opponents not in place, but definitely not the only problem, and evolutions and their offensive strategy, replaced Mikel is a flaw. On the road after the current round of La Liga Real Madrid game, rotation Deportivo scored one goal in the second half madman about to run out of three substitutions were replaced Ozil, Khedira and C Luo, this topic of conversation online in addition to put players, Di Maria and Kaka and Higuain, can be described as the siege of frenzy, and finally 2:1 reversed his opponent. Benitez last ten minutes put Torres is also a glass slide, but obviously put the team's style of play is still confusion, and did not imagine come prepared, so that such substitutions might as well not change .

Attracted Benitez is activated Torres, but this contest is spent only on the bench, it is putting the cart before the horse. Demba Ba to play well, but not many opportunities for the foot of the ball such circumstances, with a mask, he also made for Chelsea a penalty and sent to Ramirez excellent opportunity to break his play without doubt, but what Chelsea is Who core, a lot of people do not know, because no fixed firmly play every game two enough support, which is the drawbacks. * nfl jerseys wholesale * Although the lack of so many coach, it must be admitted that the troubles of two games a week, and the fan side to give Benitez a lot of pressure, compared to Chelsea and Manchester City wholeheartedly League Fixtures indeed bitter, these two points Blues boss stumbling block to his dilemma. Winter signings only one Demba Ba, reminiscent of a season Ancelotti helpless tonic supplement, will inevitably lead to bad consequences. Chelsea will be away three days after the FA Cup to play, and then three days later to fight the league game against West Bromwich Albion, the future of the race is still tight, Chelsea can only overcome. Growing pains for the majority of the Chelsea changing play, as well as young players must go through natural fans must go through this process.
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Sounds like you need a new coach... :roll:


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Dang Harb... that looks pretty good for SPAM. I think I would eat that if I were hungry. That is a tasty lookin burger for sure.
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