basketball at the same time tap to the feet of LeBron James.

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Default basketball at the same time tap to the feet of LeBron James.

Brute force driven collision under Li Immersió no suspense was rushed to the side. Want to stop LeBron James, the offensive line, but found that the own body center of gravity had no ability to maneuver, could only watch as LeBron James brazenly breaking the line of defense, and galloped off toward the restricted area.

LeBron James breakthrough to near the free-throw line, inside Stoudemire immediately rushed out to help defend rushed out ,cheap jerseys wholesale,to help defend the moment which knew Stoudemire, LeBron James put the basketball hanging to a restricted area over ... Boom!

The basket under intense in Al Horford violence pull neighing.

LeBron, no1! '' LeBron, invincible! '' LeBron, His Majesty the King! '' LeBron, Michael Jordan '............

LeBron James let Li Immersió beaten scene repressed almost the entire game ball mí finally broke out, exhausted body strength to the vapid the throat mén scrapped impulse the wantonly praises LeBron James.

In the sky singing the praises ,wholesale jerseys from china,of the sound, the LeBron James complacency toward Lee Immersió throwing a provocative eyes, said: "I told you it the last laugh talent the winner!"

"Not to the end!" Very calm Lee Immersió expression, coldly replied: "I can not believe you have any arrogant reason, if I remember correctly, you are now lagging behind the scores should be nine minutes!"

"Well, the game nine minutes, we'll see!" LeBron James threw down such a sentence walked toward the backcourt, Lee Guan Yu's voice is also the moment to catch up: "This is exactly what I want to you say! "

Etc. when The Lee Immersió turned and you want the ball right, basketball has been sent to Deron Williams. Deron Williams see Lee Immersió cast to signal the ball, immediately dribbling mistakes again, basketball once ,cheap authentic jerseys,again fall on the feet of Lee Guan Yu, reach out and put their Lao Zhu, and then slowly and leisurely run forward field.

As audiences have long been accustomed to the the Deron Williams habits xìng the dribble mistakes, Actually, I'm concerned about.

The when Lee Immersió dribble frontcourt, LeBron James immediately close up. Lee Guan Yu LeBron James left him space because of their own physical confrontation is not as good as he, LeBron James defensive Lee Immersió not left him space, the same reason.

Puff puff!

The physical contact ,authentic nfl jerseys, the frequent but jī Lie, Lee Immersió very difficult, but he did not request the wishes of the pick-and-roll support, even if he under in bī forced step by step back!

Is bī watching Lee Immersió step by step back, audience ball mí again to get the the great jīng God meet, So they began Pinzhe the voice loud praises LeBron James going to be scrapped. Praises LeBron James for the ball mí who is naturally pleased, no one will refuse the appreciation of others. So much encouragement LeBron James Yuezhanyueyong, defensive more and more hard, Lee Guan Yu is without any defense force bī ...

She was about to touch the bottom line, Lee Immersió upper body suddenly shoved forward a pull, basketball at the same time tap to the feet of LeBron James.
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