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Say it again . . The Homeland Security Act needs to be either repealed or overhauled with a whole lot more Public Oversight (which would probably make it ineffective) to prevent the Administration it serves from becoming tyrannical.

I'd think that we could do without about half the Federal Police agencies that we apparently have currently. The Homeland Security Act put the FBI, the Border Patrol, ICE, The DOJ, and another half dozen federal agencies under one big tent, gave them all police powers and then end up with a soup sandwich (Fast and Furious, etc.).

Probably the worst part is, Congress and the Public cannot seem to remain apprised of who's responsible for what, or who . . And it seems that these agencies are all covering their own @sses and refusing to talk to anybody. Not Congress (who funds them) nor the public . .

And on the funding, I think, since the HSA was passed, Congress is just asked for one big chunk of money for "Homeland Security" which lets the Administration buy things like 2717 MRAPs and 7000 M-4A carbines . . and not have to tell anybody what they're for . .
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