Enclosed trailer car tiedowns

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Default Enclosed trailer car tiedowns

What are you guys using to tiedown your cars?

i was looking on the racingjunk store and they have some nice Over the wheel tiedowns for dragsters but nothing sized well for a newer street car Like a Vette or Porsche to be tied down with.

so what methods do you guys that haul all the time use?

im used to the chain over the solid axle method but cant do that on these newer IRS cars.
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Chain and binder across the hood and rear deck works....lol... I have used a nylon strap over the mono spring on my C3 when i hauled it. Very light pressure on the ratchet though.
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I drilled holes in my floor and put the anchors where I wanted them. I cut some small 12" x 12" x 1/8" thick plates to go under the floor for support. I go over the front tires with ratchet straps and x across the back and attach to the rear housing to keep it from sliding from one side to the other.
I know mine is a lot different, but just giving you some ideas.
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i put 4 fold down D ring anchors in the floor about 2 ft. in front of car and behind the car and use these tie downs from Jegs


I hook the the front to the frame rails and criscrross the tie downs so the car can't move side to side or backward. on the rear i do the same thing except i tie to the rear shock/wheelie bar mount.

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All the above :P
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Default Tie down problem

The best way to tie down your vehicle and I was a carhauler for 20 plus years both open trailers and enclosed. Was to use E track on your floor on a enlosed trailer and use wheel ties which are 2" straps that have E track clips on both ends you can put your E track in your trailer where your car needs to ride. When tied down properly your wheels are tight on the deck but it will allow your suspension to still work and absorb any bumps allowing your car to float with the ride. We used these types of tie downs on all our hi dollar rides Ferarri's,bently's,mercedes and I was running a 6 car enclosed 53' Van type trailer and never had a damage. Also cars like Mercedes dont even have any frame ties as they have alway's preffered you use wheel ties for transport. As long as you have at least 3" of up and down clearance you should never have a problem but you do have to open the doors every now and then to check your vehicles to make sure the tie's are tight and not coming off the tire's. I always buy my straps thru a place the website is. www. autohaulersupply.com man they have the right stuff for hauling cars or anything on wheels. When your using a open type car trailer whether its a single car trailer or a 10 car hauler I try and use wheel straps on the open carrier as well they have a sinch style strap that you can run around the tire or even thru the wheel itself its a 2" type strap but if you keep them tight which they almost never come loose you can haul butt and never have a problem. I see people all the time taking the 2" straps that are 20' long and grabing the axles or A arms but you can damage brake lines or your straps will get cut on the sharp edges of the underside of the car. I have seen people roll the windows down and run a strap right thru the car and down the sides of the doors even if its a project your just going to cause more damage by doing this type of tie down's. check out www. autohaulersupply.com and use what the big boys use I promise you tieing down a car your going to haul will no longer be a problem hope this helps you out.
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