the object of many boys crush

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Default the object of many boys crush

Wenger's figure,Nfl jerseys wholesale,disappeared in the field of vision, Bergkamp, said softly: "Sir, you need to rest it?"

On calisthenics when returning to the classroom, Lin Rui Jie suddenly saw in front of a boy holding a newspaper to see that the above photo, let her help the body startled ............ treasure house!

In fact, the Lin Rui Jie and treasure house almost every day will phoned the whim of the two also occasionally a video call, every day that nothing more than warm and cold weather, what to eat, what to drink, and occasionally each other mailing some clothing and the like

although who do not talk to the hearts miss, young couple can feel each other love heart on the other side is still very strong, Cheap Elite jerseys,just because too much of their work, learn, and this will be buried in the bottom of my heart the feelings, instead it is so enchanted warm.

Has been treasure house nor had his work situation told to Lin Rui Jie, Lin Rui Jie did not go to pay inquire, can suddenly see the treasure house of the photos appeared in the newspaper, Lin Rui Jie was actually not restrain the want to know, now the treasures of the work how kind of situation.

"Students, your newspaper ............ can lend it to me to look at it?"

"I just get our hands on, have not read ............" Do boys clearly fans, Taekwondo refused, Cheap nfl jerseys,turned and glanced borrow newspaper girls who discovered that turned out to be their own class beautiful, learn best Lin Rui Jie immediately look of surprise and a smile, handing me the newspaper: "uh, Lin Rui Jie, you depends Newspapers ah? then you first optimistic! you are fans?"

"Thank you!" Lin Rui Jie first smiled and said thanks, took over the newspaper and smiles: "I will barely be considered fans now! Newspaper I read also you as soon!"

"No hurry no hurry! Your time!" The boys rush hands Lianyao, seeing amused Lin Rui Jie laughed again, in high spirits ran several other boys: "Ha ha, Lin Rui Jie and I speak! '

Rui Jie Lin smiled, Authentic nfl jerseys,black hair gently stroked the ears back to his desk to sit down, they began to read from the newspaper.

Since Lin Rui Jie and a treasure trove of contacts, she put their hair to stay up, black hair coupled with her white as porcelain face, her "porcelain doll" childish disappear, is hand Duoliaoyifen quiet beautiful, especially after the last line of defense and the treasure house across the body of Lin Rui Jie is a multi-species ranged between mature and Sentimental charm, became a class inside and outside the object of many boys crush.

Secretly sent a love letter, have come the Lin Rui Jie front was feeding the borrowing problem is said to come close to the more naive performance of these little boys, then trying Lin Rui Jie, nhl jerseys china,just smiled to give up, her heart, has long recognized the perseverance, diligence treasure trove.
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BJ will get em!
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