19 Executive Orders To Bypass The US Congress??

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Default 19 Executive Orders To Bypass The US Congress??

Joe Biden: White House eying 19 executive actions on guns


I don't care if you're a Republicrat, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent or Conservative, this latest news should make your blood boil!

Those in favor of gun bans might be more than happy to let this dictator use executive orders to do what cannot be done through Congress but what's next? How soon before YOU are on the wrong end of one of these unconstitutional mandates. And where does it stop?

This country was founded on the principle of the rule of law and our U S Constitution was the basis for these laws. It has worked this long because the citizens of this country have been willing participants, ie, by agreeing to abide by said laws as long as we had a representative government. We no longer have that representative government! It has been replaced by a Washington, DC "good old boys club" and a dictator!

But now it seems that the laws only apply to us "surfs and servants" and we find that the tyranny that our fore fathers left in Europe has now reared it's ugly head here in what use to be the greatest experiment in freedom ever known to mankind.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have notified ALL my representatives in the US Congress that Executive orders that try to do what cannot be done in a normal legislative process in Congress through our representatives is not acceptable! I also notified them not to expect me to abide by any unconstitutional executive orders issued by this president!

The day after the last election I made a post on here where I stated that there was no hope! Every day I see more and more evidence proving that statement to be accurate.
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There has never been a president that I really disliked as much as this one. Some I didn't agree with, but this guy I can't stand anything about him or his entire boot licking cabinet / followers.

I can't stand to hear him talk. I'd rather read what he says ( if I need to now what he's up too) than have to listen to the idiot.
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