Watch out !!!

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Default Watch out !!!

Be very careful what you type on the message boards. Big brother is watching more closely now.
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Yeah, I mentioned this very thing some time back when guys were making some remarks that "could" be considered as extremist. It's also not good to talk about what g u n s you may have either!

Best policy is to never say anything on these forums that you wouldn't say to an F B I guy in person.
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actually i dont care. ill say what ever the heck i want to anyone i want. fbi,cia og, bmw bff. i dont care. ill tell them all to their faces to go to hell. this is my america and im not going to give it to no one,never. want my guns well come and get them. there hows and ive said it on facebook as not a gun nut but i am a american thru and thru.and thats the way i will die.they can take their obuma and the un and stick them right up their well you get the idea......
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