I can't drive 55.....

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Default I can't drive 55.....

Sammy H. 1985 live.....CRANK IT UP !

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ok i turned it up. now my wife is mad at me for wakin her up!!lol this use to be my favorite song.kinda like a theme song.once i got me a ticket for going 80 in a 55. told the judge when he asked me what my problem was i said....well judge i just cant drive 55.i actually kinda sung it to him.cost me 167.00 for that little joke...lol true story. my buddy went to court with me and was fined because he wouldnt stop laughing . he was really loud and the judge asked him if he thought it was funny and my buddy said hell yeah!! judge took his hammer and orders him under arrest for contempt.and he was just sittin there in the seats.waitin for me!! cost him 200.00. NEVER ever smoke a doobie before going to court!!now that was yrs ago. i dont drive fast no mre. well all exept for this 82 in 70 I GOT LAST WEEK..LOL i AINT gonna sing this to the judge... another story. when this song came out i had a few 55 chevys. one i raced on the street with. i was born in 55, drive on interstate 55,in my 55 doing 55. and playin this song on the tape machine!!!~ true story there as well.damn i miss my youth.lol thank buddy for the trip back.....
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