If there was ever a video.....

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Default If there was ever a video.....

....that should be REQUIRED watching, THIS is one of them;


And here is another, this one is loaded with PROVEN FACTS;


As a Vietnam combat vet, I 'hated' the Cong and NVA, as you had to dehumanize them to emotionally and mentally survive. All these years later I can't 'hate' them as I am NOT a hateful person.....I have grown to foster a deepening visceral hatred for this POS in our White House. I do NOT wish him harm, just want him OUT of this most sacred position in our beloved Nation. I am his worst nightmare, because I VOTE and I will vote him OUT. God Bless the hundreds of thousands of people along the line in our Spec Ops and Intel......I am embarrassed for the nation for what this....'person'...... has done to compromise every single one of you....This should be REQUIRED viewing before election day, as well as '2016' the movie/documentary.
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